utorak, 31. svibnja 2016.

MHAPro map coming soon for SCS American Truck Simulator v1.3

With all 3 new cities which are already in map MOD for next version, Fallon (NV), Austin (NV) and Walker lake (NV) , next city - more village will be Laytonville (CA) on road US101 from Eureka to S.Rafael ... in the same time that road will get more realistic look in game ....will not be just highway which is made SCS team .... you can see on Google map how looks that road in real life .

Here are some pictures from there SCS American Truck Simulator ....

How fast will be map out, I cant say in this moment, because I do not want to lose many things which I already made in map MOD ... so, I must make some part road totaly on new on that US101 road to S.Rafael (CA).

I hope  it wont be to long.

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