petak, 13. svibnja 2016.

MHAPro map EU 2.3.2 (ver.1.23.x ETS2 ) - IS OUT !!!



Fri ,  13.05.2016  ( NEW Update is out ! )

MHA map EU 2.3.2  Update  DOWNLOAD for 1.23.x.s  + both big DLC's !!

I am very thankfull for all your donations.  


FROM NOW ONE, MHAPro map will be in five (5) parts . 

Download (you need ALL 5 .scs documents)

PART 1MHA mod 1      PART 2MHA mod 2     PART 3MHA mod 3    

PART 4MHA mod 4      PART 5MHA mod 5


New in this Update :

ETS2 - MHAPro EU 2.3.2 (Compatible with 1.23.x None-steam and Steam and higher): 

1. fixed all data which are new for 1.23.x version + Billboards
2. fixed "cutscene" for Utrecht (NL) - camera view on start
3. new company in game MOD -  MHA_trasport
    - city Frankfurt (D)
    - Göteborg (SWE)
    - Liverpool (UK)
4. fixed Billboards - brightness, luminosity
5. new city North Tawton
    - company Roadwork
    - company AgroNord
    - company Adia_fd_esbj
    - company MHA Transp
    - company MHA Service
    - company Tesco

6. after long testing fixed some other bugs, mistakes and problems ..
7. some other problems with companies will be fixed in new update
8. fixed problem on enter in Rotterdam (NL) where is slope on road

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  1. To ALL Players :

    please, before you send me any problem - bug or something similar on my mail, test the same problem in some New TEST Profile with just my MHAPro map !! Very often cause other MODs problems to game and crash your game !! Thank you

  2. Always you can contact me on my mail :

    with of course pictures from map position and Game.log if you have some problem in my map MOD

  3. Hi, Mr. Alex.
    On this site posted pirated link to your map 2.3.2:

    1. thank you on that information ...but I can not do anything about that ... but you can, if you comment there for me, that version can cause problems in playing or something similar ... that will help for sure . thank you !

  4. I just bought ETS2 no extended maps. First and only mod I put in was this. It crashes game during the load screen right before gameplay starts. I run this mod on ATS and runs fine and I love it. Any suggestions?

    1. if you play my MHAPro map EU for ETS2 ...then you must have BOTH extended maps, East and North !! Without those two maps will not work for sure. Other thing is with my map for ATS game. There will work my map MOD without any problem, because it is just Default game out.

  5. If you already Downloaded map, I suggest you that Download PART 3 again. Inside is map.

    I fixed some small parts on map, between them is Enter from higway to Rotterdam (NL) too.

    After when you will download that Part 3, just open that RAR document and with technique Drag and Drop send .scs file to your mod folder and Replace old document in there.

    In your game will not change anything !!


  6. ichh have downloaded it but it is not recognized by the game 's that is not in the mod manager

  7. compatible with rusmap v1.6.3 ??

  8. Dear MSHeavyAlex,

    With a lot of joy I use your map on ETS2. I found a small mistake on one of the highway signs. I was driving from Gedser (DK) to Kobenhavn (DK) and just before the intersection of the E45 and E20 the highway signs said going straight for Kobenhavn and turn right on E20 for Gedser while it should be straight to Odense and right to Kobenhavn :)

    That was it. Found nothing else until now as usual :D


    Jeroen (NL)

    1. thank you on that ... it is SCS mistake ;) ... but I will try to find this out ... please for next time , can you make on map picture with F10 and then everything send me to my mail ... : - thank you

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