četvrtak, 30. lipnja 2016.

Coast to Coast map with MHAPro map together !!

Hi Alex,

I hope you can correct something, i see you posted an image from player Jurt for loading order on your map with other maps (Mexuscan and Coast 2 Coast, his loadorder is wrong, sorry to say it like that.

I am tester of the last Coast 2 Coast mod patch with MHA Pro map. It was my request to Mantrid the maker to make i tand I got the honor to test it.

So I m sure what order should be and no mods between the Mexuscan – Patch for Coast 2Coast with MHA Map – MHA Map – Coast 2 Coast :

Look how must be in MOD MANAGER (click on this)

That is the correct order. Patch can be found here :

SCS forum (Mantrid's posts) (click on this)

With all due respect to your player Kurt but I do hope you can show the right image cause his order will give problems.

This is pure and only for Mexuscan, MHA Pro and Coast 2 Coast combination with the patch.

Since Mexuscan can not be played/used without Coast 2 Coast, Coast 2 Coast can be played without the rest and works with patch (small bugs which will be fixed) perfect and 99,9% is bugfree.

Thx in advance.

My name on the scs forum is PitbullTasja.


Chris and Fem

Aka PitbullTasja (forumname)

p.s.  THANK YOU A LOT on this help guys , that helps to all players who play those maps together

p.s.s. thank you to Chrystian Frany Salaki  we have download link for Mexican map too ...here it is :

        Mexican map for ATS 

srijeda, 29. lipnja 2016.

American Truck Simulator

Some of you ask me if my map MOD work together with C2C (coast to coast) and that other Mexican map ... and I got confirmation on my site MHAPro ...

Player Kurt confirm there, what you can read by your self too ...that my map MOD work with both maps. You must just connect (manage) everything together that will be work.

And I ask him for help picture that I can show all other players too . That is big help from him to other, who want play my map MOD with other maps together.

Thank you Kurt on that !!

Look on picture how you must manage that .  If you have some question for him, connect to my site and ask him if you have some problems.

Unfortunately I dont play to much...and when I play, than I play my work, mostly because I look for mistakes.

ETS2 is in progress ... like I said.


nedjelja, 26. lipnja 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator

Progress on MHAPro EU 2.4 ... next update .... for release I will need for sure some 20 -/+ days ...

On pictures you can see until now what I did ... you must know that I work now parallel on ATS and ETS2 game MODs.

For ETS2 in my map MOD will be 3 new cities, 2 in CZ and 1 in Norway., with many new roads and combinations , tunnel and so on ... I fixed some other things too, what players find, from SCS work and mine .

After that release it will be some pause for sure until september with release. SCS caused big problem to me and maybe to somebody else , who work on ATS maps ... with Rescale map.  I dont know what will be result of everything.  Will we have option to rescale our work too ..or not. Will we open in new update map ? ... lol. ..many question are here... but SCS wont talk about that.

Why they didnt start with everything on that level ?? Than is right question for them, on which dont wont answer .. or maybe do not know.

From that reason I still not decided, will I will work in future still on my map or not. I do not want put time and effort in something anymore what I will lost after some 6-8 month when maybe they will release update with Rescaled map.

I still hope that we will get chance to open our maps ... and then copy city by city in our new Rescaled game. That will be ok ... then we must just connect again everything ...but that will take a lot of time too, to put map on level where is now.

I will wait on September ... maybe they will release some new information about that.

Now Ets2 map progressin pictures :

subota, 25. lipnja 2016.

American Truck Simulator

I already saw that somebody stole my work from site and share it from his server where he make money with my work.  I reported that to Google and I'm waiting that they will track it out and blog that download link.

In future I will Report to Google every download link which will not direct to my blog or site !!

You must know that you risk if you download such a maps ...beacuse it can crash game or are already old.

The only way that you can be sure is to download links from owners and from there sites.


Note :

If you already download MHAPro ATS map free version in 5 parts from my site, it is new update of map out..  So it is on you if you want it or not. You must Log In my page and download it again and replace old data with new one.


I fixed some big problem on map north from Phoenix (AZ) on big highway cross .. it was mistake from SCS ..it crashed trucks that  ... I fixed some 2-3 other small mistakes and problems ... so everything is there on my page for free.

Free version will be always in 5 parts until will be public.

Support (pay) version :

Those who decided to support me, I already sent my mail to all of you !  I hope just that you use some good mails where you can get mail and see my new download link.

I must say, that those who will support me (pay version), will get one download link without any Ads.

All  Download links you can find  on my site here !

American Truck Simulator - Rusty and Duck on road

Truck & Duck Show Nascar Truck MHApro Map 




četvrtak, 23. lipnja 2016.

PUBLIC version for American Truck Simulator

It is out my map MOD MHAPro 1.3.2. for ATS 1.3 ... you can find it on my site here . There you have both versions, Free and Pay (support) version ...

Because of new information which we got from SCS about Rescaling on ATS .... I think I will wait with my new update until they will not release update with all rescaling things in there ... that is not my last decision, but it is realistic.

Imagine that you work something 6 or more months and then you see that will not work on new map ??  I just hope that we will have chance to copy our work in new rescaling map and that I will not live again that my map after some update will not work anymore ... like was after ETS2 update 1.4 where I lost 1,5 year work ... 

Enjoy in playing .

Download links !

PART 1     PART 2    PART 3    PART 4    PART 5  

NEW on map :
MHAPro ATS 1.3.2. (Compatible with 1.3.x Steam and higher): 

1. new city Austin (NV)
    - company MHA Service
    - company Premiere Transport VTC
    - company 42Print
    - company MHA Roadwork
2. fixed visible trucks on map (lines on maps)
3. Bakersfield (CA)
    - company Premiere Transport VTC
    - company Ikea
    - company MHA roadwork
4. new city Fallon (NV)
    - company charged
    - company Gallon
5. fixed some problem which I found with visibility companies¸
6. new village Walker Lake
    - company Gallon
    - Coastline mining
7. new Us95 road from Fallon to Tonopah (in progress)
8. new connection US376 road to Tonopah (in progress)
9. some new connection roads and new roads
10. new city -village Laytoneville (CA)
    - company service_mha
    - company wal_food_mkt
11. new look road US101 from Eureka to S.Rafael (CA)
12. fixed companies McDonalds and BurgerKing - curbs on parking
13. fixed some visibility company problems
14. new connection roads around Ukiah (CA)
15. connected road from Ukiah (CA) to south S.Rafael (CA)
16. Ukiah (CA)
    - company Roadwork
17. Flagstaff (AZ)
    - company Premiere
18. Yuma (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
19. Phoenix (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
20. Ehrenberg (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
21. Camp Werde (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
    - company Burger King
    - company MHA Service
22. Las Vegas
    - company Roadwork
23. Kingman (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
24. Grand Canyon Village (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
25. Flagstaff (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
26. Holbrook (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
27. Page (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
28. Kayenta (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
29. Show Low (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
    - company mha_constr
30. Tucson (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
    - company MHA construction
31. Nogales (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
32. San Simon (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
33. Sierra Vista (AZ) - overlook with new parking places and trucks
    - company McDonalds

utorak, 21. lipnja 2016.

American Truck Simulator MHAPro mod ....

.... will be out in Thursday or Friday (23. or 24.6.2016) ... that will be version for last update 1.3 ... I already finished everything, with overlook (fast one) over Arizona and other connections, new things and fixed things on map.

Be here.

Map for ETS2 is of course in progress too and it will take some 14 - 21 days to next release for sure.

četvrtak, 16. lipnja 2016.

From today will be MHAPro map ATS 1.3.2. ..

... for American Truck Simulator on test ... some 2-3 days. And if will be everthing ok, release will be  Public on my site MHAPro.com

So, be prepare ... it is everything so close ...

ponedjeljak, 13. lipnja 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator map is out for 1.24.x version ....

After so many mails which I got that people can not or they do not know how to fix my last version map MHAPro EU 2.3.2 for  Euro Truck Simulator  v.1.24.x. ... so, I decided to Upload my map on my servers that you can just download it and play.

You will find there both versions, free and pay version. Free version goes cross Ads, and Pay version will give you direct download link without any Ads.


Special thanks to all of you who support my Pay download for €2 . In there is the same map MOD in one or two pieces. Download is totally without any Ads and it goes directly from my Private server.

And Big thanks to my Donors too, who support me .  Thank you.

p.s.  if you will have any kind of download problems after when you Pay for download, contact me on my Mail with name which you used in Paypal. I will answer in 24h max.

Download :

Part 1 :  MHAPro EU 2.3.2 for ETS2 v1.24.x
Part 2 :  MHAPro EU 2.3.2 for ETS2 v1.24.x
Part 3 :  MHAPro EU 2.3.2 for ETS2 v1.24.x 
Part 4 :  MHAPro EU 2.3.2 for ETS2 v1.24.x
Part 5 :  MHAPro EU 2.3.2 for ETS2 v1.24.x


petak, 10. lipnja 2016.

First release will be SCS American Truck Simulator ...

in some max 10 days ... for version SCS American Truck Simulator 1.3.x .... so be patient until then ... I hope you'll like it.

Here are som pictures from my next update ....

I dont post on SCS forum from good reason...I dont have time to write, talk with people there or anywhere ..it takes a lot of gold time to me for work on my maps ... parallel I work on Euro Truck Simulator 2  SCS  map too ...for new update .... so, I'm full in.

I'm sorry on that .... yesterday, we finaly fixed problem with Support Pay download via Paypal and Amazon .... Amazon is not in function for now ... but it will be too ...

If you will support my work with Pay download, you'll get map in one piece and download without any other Ads ... still is there Free version which is supported with other Ads. So, it is on you which way you will chooce . Thank to all people who are and who will support my work !


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