subota, 25. lipnja 2016.

American Truck Simulator

I already saw that somebody stole my work from site and share it from his server where he make money with my work.  I reported that to Google and I'm waiting that they will track it out and blog that download link.

In future I will Report to Google every download link which will not direct to my blog or site !!

You must know that you risk if you download such a maps ...beacuse it can crash game or are already old.

The only way that you can be sure is to download links from owners and from there sites.


Note :

If you already download MHAPro ATS map free version in 5 parts from my site, it is new update of map out..  So it is on you if you want it or not. You must Log In my page and download it again and replace old data with new one.


I fixed some big problem on map north from Phoenix (AZ) on big highway cross .. it was mistake from SCS crashed trucks that  ... I fixed some 2-3 other small mistakes and problems ... so everything is there on my page for free.

Free version will be always in 5 parts until will be public.

Support (pay) version :

Those who decided to support me, I already sent my mail to all of you !  I hope just that you use some good mails where you can get mail and see my new download link.

I must say, that those who will support me (pay version), will get one download link without any Ads.

All  Download links you can find  on my site here !

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