srijeda, 29. lipnja 2016.

American Truck Simulator

Some of you ask me if my map MOD work together with C2C (coast to coast) and that other Mexican map ... and I got confirmation on my site MHAPro ...

Player Kurt confirm there, what you can read by your self too ...that my map MOD work with both maps. You must just connect (manage) everything together that will be work.

And I ask him for help picture that I can show all other players too . That is big help from him to other, who want play my map MOD with other maps together.

Thank you Kurt on that !!

Look on picture how you must manage that .  If you have some question for him, connect to my site and ask him if you have some problems.

Unfortunately I dont play to much...and when I play, than I play my work, mostly because I look for mistakes.

ETS2 is in progress ... like I said.


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