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Coast to Coast map with MHAPro map together !!

Hi Alex,

I hope you can correct something, i see you posted an image from player Jurt for loading order on your map with other maps (Mexuscan and Coast 2 Coast, his loadorder is wrong, sorry to say it like that.

I am tester of the last Coast 2 Coast mod patch with MHA Pro map. It was my request to Mantrid the maker to make i tand I got the honor to test it.

So I m sure what order should be and no mods between the Mexuscan – Patch for Coast 2Coast with MHA Map – MHA Map – Coast 2 Coast :

Look how must be in MOD MANAGER (click on this)

That is the correct order. Patch can be found here :

SCS forum (Mantrid's posts) (click on this)

With all due respect to your player Kurt but I do hope you can show the right image cause his order will give problems.

This is pure and only for Mexuscan, MHA Pro and Coast 2 Coast combination with the patch.

Since Mexuscan can not be played/used without Coast 2 Coast, Coast 2 Coast can be played without the rest and works with patch (small bugs which will be fixed) perfect and 99,9% is bugfree.

Thx in advance.

My name on the scs forum is PitbullTasja.


Chris and Fem

Aka PitbullTasja (forumname)

p.s.  THANK YOU A LOT on this help guys , that helps to all players who play those maps together

p.s.s. thank you to Chrystian Frany Salaki  we have download link for Mexican map too ...here it is :

        Mexican map for ATS 

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  1. Players,

    if somebody have download link to that Mexican map, can you please that link here !



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