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Euro Truck Simulator map is out for 1.24.x version ....

After so many mails which I got that people can not or they do not know how to fix my last version map MHAPro EU 2.3.2 for  Euro Truck Simulator  v.1.24.x. ... so, I decided to Upload my map on my servers that you can just download it and play.

You will find there both versions, free and pay version. Free version goes cross Ads, and Pay version will give you direct download link without any Ads.


Special thanks to all of you who support my Pay download for €2 . In there is the same map MOD in one or two pieces. Download is totally without any Ads and it goes directly from my Private server.

And Big thanks to my Donors too, who support me .  Thank you.

p.s.  if you will have any kind of download problems after when you Pay for download, contact me on my Mail with name which you used in Paypal. I will answer in 24h max.

Download :

Part 1 :  MHAPro EU 2.3.2 for ETS2 v1.24.x
Part 2 :  MHAPro EU 2.3.2 for ETS2 v1.24.x
Part 3 :  MHAPro EU 2.3.2 for ETS2 v1.24.x 
Part 4 :  MHAPro EU 2.3.2 for ETS2 v1.24.x
Part 5 :  MHAPro EU 2.3.2 for ETS2 v1.24.x


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  1. I like your new site. pls keep up the good work

    1. Алекс карта вышла под версию 1.24 или нет?

  2. Alex hah Ci w smak z tą Twoją mapą pijawo!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Had a problem with parts 3 & 4 from the free server; they kept coming up as corrupt when trying to unpack them with both WinRAR and 7-Zip.

    I gave up and paid my 2 Euros...

  4. Алекс карта обновилась под версию 1.24 или нет?

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