nedjelja, 26. lipnja 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator

Progress on MHAPro EU 2.4 ... next update .... for release I will need for sure some 20 -/+ days ...

On pictures you can see until now what I did ... you must know that I work now parallel on ATS and ETS2 game MODs.

For ETS2 in my map MOD will be 3 new cities, 2 in CZ and 1 in Norway., with many new roads and combinations , tunnel and so on ... I fixed some other things too, what players find, from SCS work and mine .

After that release it will be some pause for sure until september with release. SCS caused big problem to me and maybe to somebody else , who work on ATS maps ... with Rescale map.  I dont know what will be result of everything.  Will we have option to rescale our work too ..or not. Will we open in new update map ? ... lol. ..many question are here... but SCS wont talk about that.

Why they didnt start with everything on that level ?? Than is right question for them, on which dont wont answer .. or maybe do not know.

From that reason I still not decided, will I will work in future still on my map or not. I do not want put time and effort in something anymore what I will lost after some 6-8 month when maybe they will release update with Rescaled map.

I still hope that we will get chance to open our maps ... and then copy city by city in our new Rescaled game. That will be ok ... then we must just connect again everything ...but that will take a lot of time too, to put map on level where is now.

I will wait on September ... maybe they will release some new information about that.

Now Ets2 map progressin pictures :

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