petak, 10. lipnja 2016.

First release will be SCS American Truck Simulator ...

in some max 10 days ... for version SCS American Truck Simulator 1.3.x .... so be patient until then ... I hope you'll like it.

Here are som pictures from my next update ....

I dont post on SCS forum from good reason...I dont have time to write, talk with people there or anywhere takes a lot of gold time to me for work on my maps ... parallel I work on Euro Truck Simulator 2  SCS  map too ...for new update .... so, I'm full in.

I'm sorry on that .... yesterday, we finaly fixed problem with Support Pay download via Paypal and Amazon .... Amazon is not in function for now ... but it will be too ...

If you will support my work with Pay download, you'll get map in one piece and download without any other Ads ... still is there Free version which is supported with other Ads. So, it is on you which way you will chooce . Thank to all people who are and who will support my work !

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