nedjelja, 5. lipnja 2016.

Published MHAPro site !

Hello gamers!

I am publishing my new web site today, and from now on you can find my new maps only it at .

All other, olders maps, will be still here on my blog on right side. I hope you'll like in future my work too.

If you'll care about my work, on site or here on my Blog , you will still find Donation button, where you can Donate for my work. I'll be grateful for each Donation. All Donations go cross Paypal system, and it is very easy to use that. You must just Registrate for free on Paypal with real basic informations and you can use many options to send me Donation.

I must thank you to ALL my Donors in this years ... Big thank you ... without them, my work on ETS2 and ATS maps today would not be alive. 

I still will be available on my mail  for any kind of help with my map MODs.

Thank you all for patience all this years. I hope you will support me on both downloads, and you will respect my work and you wont publish my maps on other Forums and pages , because from that small download ammount that Project live. Without respect to me and my work, you'll "kill" for sure in future my work.
Consequently because of that I will be forced to close my Project.

Thank you again to all my fans for support this years, and you want play my map MODs  !!

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  1. Hi MsHeavyAlex:

    I am trying to register in your new website and I can not , I never get the confirmation email to confirm the account.

    1. did you look all boxes in Mail ?? ... we saw that takes some time that people get confirmation mail

      we look about that too

    2. I tested now ... and I got confirmation link in some 5-6 min is on picture

    3. Hi MsHeavyAlex:

      Yes, now I have received the confirmation email , but I still can not log on to the web , the web tells me that my password is incorrect.

    4. contact me on mail ... you have Mial box in every Post on the end.

  2. To everybody,

    we have some problems between our page and download server ..... so, if you want to pay and download map ... I will see that and if you can not download ... contact me with the same real name from Paypal form and if I will have you on list, I will send you map without any problem .

    We work on that to fix everything

  3. We still have some problems with Download Pay version for ETS2 and ATS ... I recieve payment, but download crash in middle ....

    Anyway, I contact every person cross mail who support my work with download, and I send to person my direct link from my server.

    That map is one piece, without any ADs .

    I will give you feedback when we will solve that problem !

    Thank you .

  4. We find problem ... it is in Script ... so, we will make new Script for that , until then , Pay download will go cross my private Server disc + I will send you manuel Download link too, when I will saw in my Paypal payment !

    Thank you all who will decide to support me with Pay download.

  5. Everything is FIXED now and Pay support download work now.



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