srijeda, 31. kolovoza 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator - progress

Both maps are in progress ... ETS2 more than ATS, because of SCS map Rescale. I hope it will work my idea to put my work back in rescale map when will be Public out.

On ETS2 map is now first in progress new city in Poland, Žary. Near highway. Plan is to make 2-3 cities before next release, but I will release compatible version with update 1.25.x which is on the way too from SCS team ...

So, first release  both maps will be compatible versions with new updates, which will SCS team release. In ETS2 will be that 1.25.1 ( like always end with number 1) and in ATS will be 1.4.1 version.

I will change number of my ETS2 map too ... and map number will be basicaly the same like SCS update ... so, name of next release will be MHAPro 1.25. for ETS2 and MHAPro 1.4 for ATS ..

Pictures are from new city Žary (Poland).

Dont worry, UK and other countries will be in progress too ...Slovenia and Croatia comming too ... but first I must finish my old plans ...

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  1. Very beautiful! Make please a lot of repaired roads))

  2. Alex, thanks for a great card! Do not forget about the Balkans :)



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