utorak, 6. rujna 2016.

American Truck Simulator - Coachella progress

I work further on American Truck Simulator MHAPro map. I hope that I will get chance after SCS Rescale, that I will copy/paste my places in new, Rescaled map.

How fast will be next MHAPro map update out, for now , I can not say, but I think in October for sure.

On that place will be better and bigger Coachella place, near by will be Indio and then I will make road 74 to West cross rock and sand mountains. Road will be connect to highway south from Carlsbad.

So, be patient. It takes time, and I already must say, that I will be out from 15.September until somewhere 8.October. You can always send me mails, questions, problems or some idea.... But you must know that I can not make on the same time everything .

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