petak, 16. rujna 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - new progress on MHAPro map

First of 4 new cities is finished... Altenburg (D) ... half on way is Gera (D) and Žary (PL) .... fourth city is on zero point ... Zwickau (D) .... but it will be finish in October too ... so, I plan somewhere on the end of October release new update.

That is plan. ATS map is in progress too and if will be everything ok, I will release new update for that game too. But, leave that everything to time ... I hope it will be everything like clockwork.

IMPORTANT :   from tomorrow 17.9 until 08.10.2016 I will  be out of my town and of course I will not be on my PC or mail. You can leave there mail, but I will answer when I will be back. For some more help you can ask good fans on SCS forum in my Posts for ATS or ETS2 and I'm sure that you'll get good answer. Sorry, but I can not be on Mail in this time.

 So, here are first pictures from that Altenburg (D) place ... I will not show you everything ... but for sure you'll be surprise there .... it is connected to Leipzig too ...

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