četvrtak, 8. rujna 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator - MHAPro map 1.25 for ETS2 v.1.25.x - OUT !

Hello Everybody,

so here is MHAPro map for Euro Truck Simulator too ... I decided to change number because of many players, that will be easier to compare my map MODs with Public update of game .
So, in future, my map MODs will have the same number in name like will be update of game.

I think that will help to many players to compare if they use right map MOD for right update.

Link to site is on right side of blog. You must just LogIn and download map in Download hub.

Both version are out, free and support version.

Thank you to all players, who want support me and my work !!And of course to all other fans too.

The same like in ATS free downloads, I removed test Ads too...so, that download go direct from my ShareMods server. No will be faster and less annoying.

ETS2 - MHAPro EU 1.25 (Compatible with 1.25.x None-steam and Steam and higher): 

1. harmonized MHAPro map number with SCS update's !! (no matter on past numbers)
2. fixed all problems with trailers textures in new update
3. fixed compatibility MHAPro MOD with new SCS Public update 1.25.x
4. fixed some small problems, mistakes and bugs
5. fixed Toll gate near Chamount (F) on highway A5

Download place : 

PART 1    PART 2     PART 3    PART 4     PART  5

You must be LogIn in site.

New update MHAPro ETS map is in progress and it will out somewhere in October.

If you have any kind of problem with my map MOD, contact me on my Mail  - msheavyalex@gmail.com  !!

ETS2 map will be soon on my site too !

Please respect my work and do not upload my work on other sites.

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  1. Many thanks, Mr. Alex, great job, a beautiful card



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