četvrtak, 27. listopada 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator - Kranj (SLO)

Kranj (SLO) ... for next release is ready too ... I must finish only two other cities and then test and release ... I hope it will be in 14 days max ready .

I will not show everything .... but I can tell you , that Kranj (SLO) will be connected from to sides, from Italy, cross Alps and from Austria , too...cross Alps cross tunnel ... the biggest problem is that is map inside Editor to small, and we can not work in some real dimensions too ...like that tunnel ,which is in real life long almost 8 KM ... but mine in game is just 1 KM .... shame...but that way work everything in SCS games ... proof is in ATS, where they work on Rescale after almost 1.y release that game .... why they did not already start with that big map in there ?  first day ...

For such a things .... you must thing some step in front ... and not to back... shame ...

utorak, 25. listopada 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

If you play MHAPro map EU 1.25.x version, Antoni found mistake on parking place in Maribor (SLO) .... game freeze there ... so, if you must drive to company Gradis in Maribor, use that other side..

Problem is in that parking place, better , in properties which we can manage in Editor for parking ...in some reason, to me that parking double the same parking instructions ... why, lol ... I dont know ... maybe my mistake ... ah...for sure it is my mistake ...who alse ?! ... lol

So, be careful there in Maribor and DO NOT use that parking which you can see on pictures too ... (on pictures is already fixed ! ) .

Map is in progress !!

nedjelja, 23. listopada 2016.

Euro Truck SImulator - progress

Like you know, of course if you know, with all that 4 cities which I already work, I put new name in my map MOD, Kranj (SLO) ... that city will be connected cross Alps on two ways...one with normal road from Italien side and other with highway from Austria to south cross Karawanke tunnel ... so, here are some pictures ...

Both maps are in progress ... and I work hard to put in Public them ...

ponedjeljak, 17. listopada 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator - progress on map

Here are some new pictures from progress on MHAPro map for ETS2 ....

Like I wrote already, I work on 4 new cities .... 3 in Germany, 1 in Poland ... and some day ago I started on one new Slovenian city too .... for now will be connected just cross Alps ... later I will make highway cross Slovenia too .... you must just be patient ...

nedjelja, 16. listopada 2016.

Problems with site ...

...sorry fans, but those who Registrate after last time when was site down, please do it again, because we had some technical problems with Script. Sorry on that.

I hope it will work now ok. If will cause new problems, on the end I will must think about totaly new site.


Euro Truck Simulator

MHAPro EU for ETS2 map is still in progress .... I work on that daily , the same on ATS map too.

I hope I will finish ETS2 map until before end of this month.

In there will be some new cities, new companies and new signs , thanks to my "help" in that, Nishant.

In map MOD you'll see that on picture too ... some new pictures I will send in short time out too.

četvrtak, 13. listopada 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator

Here are new Review of both maps form Rusty and Duck .... driving cross my map MODs....for Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator.


srijeda, 12. listopada 2016.

MHAPro site IS BACK !

Hello fans,

like you can read in Title, MHAPro site is back. We relocated on new server , on private server with solid speed, so to me like a little bid faster than before.

I tested all downloads and it works everything perfect to me.

You can find site here !

So, we're again on the old road.

Again, thank you on ALL support to me. One more note. Until today I have already almost 19.700 fans on site which wait on my next update.

I wish all nice days and enjoy in playing games, when you play.


nedjelja, 9. listopada 2016.

MHAPro and Euro Truck Simulator 2 - progress

MHAPro site is still down and we wait on some small corrections around server ! I hope it will be finish fast .

Next update of MHAPro map is on the way ... more than 50% is finished. Next version will be have inside some 4 new cities ... with many new roads and connection, with new and old roads and cities ..highways.

If I will be fast enough, I will make one more city.

ATS MHAPro map is in progress too ... in there I work on bigger Coachella city with new Indio place near Coachella. There will be new roads too and connections with existing highways and roads ... to west ... plan is to make road cross mountain full of sand and rocks ... pictures will be out later.

Here are pictures from EU 1.25.1. version ... if will SCS release new update faster than me, then I will manage map number to there update, that you can always know which version of map go with which SCS game update !

petak, 7. listopada 2016.

MHAPro site almost back !

MHAPro site will be in short time back. Thanks to good fan we will have place on his server. Private place, and better conditions for sure.

So, you can expect in short site back.

I work on both maps again and in short I will send out new pictures .. I hope that I will finish my maps too, so I can release them with new cities and places again.

Thank you all fans on big support !!



četvrtak, 6. listopada 2016.


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