nedjelja, 9. listopada 2016.

MHAPro and Euro Truck Simulator 2 - progress

MHAPro site is still down and we wait on some small corrections around server ! I hope it will be finish fast .

Next update of MHAPro map is on the way ... more than 50% is finished. Next version will be have inside some 4 new cities ... with many new roads and connection, with new and old roads and cities ..highways.

If I will be fast enough, I will make one more city.

ATS MHAPro map is in progress too ... in there I work on bigger Coachella city with new Indio place near Coachella. There will be new roads too and connections with existing highways and roads ... to west ... plan is to make road cross mountain full of sand and rocks ... pictures will be out later.

Here are pictures from EU 1.25.1. version ... if will SCS release new update faster than me, then I will manage map number to there update, that you can always know which version of map go with which SCS game update !

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