srijeda, 12. listopada 2016.

MHAPro site IS BACK !

Hello fans,

like you can read in Title, MHAPro site is back. We relocated on new server , on private server with solid speed, so to me like a little bid faster than before.

I tested all downloads and it works everything perfect to me.

You can find site here !

So, we're again on the old road.

Again, thank you on ALL support to me. One more note. Until today I have already almost 19.700 fans on site which wait on my next update.

I wish all nice days and enjoy in playing games, when you play.


4 komentara:

  1. Mr. Alex, thanks, the website works perfectly!

    1. thank you that you want support me !

      and after some pain ... we manage together with new Server owner, fan of my maps too. !

      So big thank you to him too !

  2. Mr. Alex, you have seen as it is bad when you for a long time throw the website?)))
    I am always a big fan of your map and I will advertizes it everywhere. And always to give references only to your website!

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