srijeda, 30. studenoga 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator - when will be MHAPro 1.26.x out ?

Answer is realy leisurely ....

Yesterday SCS team updated there version 1.26.1 in Public, now is up to us to make playable our versions ...

With that update I lost on MHAPro map all FRA cities, all companies, roads ...everything ...

My plan is to fix some of them in first round .... I hope so .... I work on that ... and I think that will be my MHAPro out somewhere in Saturday or Sunday on my site.

For sure will be out first support version, and I hope that you will support me like always. That just give me proof that I'm on right way with work and I can work further with that my MHAPro map.

Free version will be out next week , be patient, I must make compatible with everything. It is not so easy like some of  you maybe think . 

But it will be here , for sure.

The same , maybe worst , is situation with ATS game, where I can not upload my MHAPro ATS map .. 

I will see how I will make that, but you will get informations here !

So, please ,be patient !



ponedjeljak, 21. studenoga 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator - progress on map

Almost, I'm on the end ... with updating MHAPro map MOD for 1.26 version ....

After when will SCS release in Public that update, close to that will be my map MOD out too .... first for support version and later for Free version too, which take some time to make it....but I think I will be fast on that too ...

ATS map is on stand by ... because I want on SCS team , that they "push" in Public new Rescale map and that I can start with work. I dont have intention to fix there mistakes after them, if I start with work ... problem is that I can not use then any more Default Sector in my MOD, I kill my work again ... so, that 's go in circle ... 

What I saw, I lost my whole map in ATS ... for me, nothing new. But I must say, that I 'm angry on that kind of SCS work ... because they made something, and after 1.y they find out that is map to small ... who was so smart in that company to start such a big project with small map ! 

Can they do something what will work more than 1.y ? that is good question ....  

Games are great, idea too, model and map Moderators did realy good work, but work plans sucks for sure .... I hope that they will see that some day ... 

Pictures are from new update ... . in next MHAPro Update in there will not be Auxerre,Amiens, Dieppe and Le Havre ... because of new SCS work .  After DLC France release I will put back those cities ... I think that SCS team made Le Havre .... so, it will stay just Dieppe ,Amiens and Auxerre ...

But you will see in map ... it wont be interesting if I told you everything, right ....

Before you start play with MODs, read Change.Log which you can always find in MOD MANAGER in game too !

srijeda, 16. studenoga 2016.

American Truck Simulator


if you want try play MHAPro map on Beta version 1.5 in will not work.

SCS team change many things in there , I did not test it yet ... but if will work better, I doubt.

Today after 7-8 h work on ATS game, I finaly get just my Basic data for ATS in that new Update 1.5 that work in there. I Reinstalled whole game and Install again ... and after that start work ... 

In next days, I will see if I can use my old data in new map ... if will map work or not. I hope it will , but I'm not so optimistic. 

I will give you feedback in next days about that ... 

utorak, 15. studenoga 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator - update 1.26

So, story is like that !!

SCS team realesed Beta version 1.26 for ETS2 ( Euro Truck Simulator 2 ), and now they fix all problems in there ....

I made my MHAPRo map compatible with that version, but on other hand, because SCS team "over work" whole France, part of Switzerland and Italy, I must put back my FRA cities too, which I all lost with that Update ... the same thing will happen in ATS ( American Truck Simulator ) too !

So, for now I fixed Torino and all companies in there , and two FRA cities,  Bossancourt and Chaumont...still I must make all connections with those two cities.

About new cities, 4 of 5 cities are totaly is still open, I mean in progress. And it will be ready in that update too...of course.

You must understand why I dont write to much here or in some other Forum, like SCS fourm, because I work all the time on my maps. That is main reason, and with this writting and answering, I lost a lot of time.

On other hand, ATS I froze ! Until SCS team will not release that Rescale map ...and then wait me big work, put my work back in that new map ...

I must say, after when I changed my system with Support download, many people realy support me and download my Support version. Thank you a lot on that people, to everybody !!


p.s. sorry if you had some problems with Registration on my site, from time to time some of those SPAM-ers attack site and Server automaticly block site. Some where in start of new 2017.y  I will release totaly new site with more security on it, so be patient.
For any problems, my mail is always open, you can contact me for any problem with my map MOD.

ponedjeljak, 7. studenoga 2016.

Still problems ...

...with classic Registration on MHAPro site. We still work on fixing that problem with site and of course we hope that we will fix that in short time.

Until then, you can LogIn in site with Social Registration which you can find in on site LogIn on MHAPro site like on picture ....

You can use it, it is save and fast ...

When we will fix that problem with classic Registration, I will put note here.


subota, 5. studenoga 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - closer and closer

Pictures tell everything .... from day to day, I'm closer to release new Update ...

Problems with Registration on my site ?

If you have problems to Registrate on my site - MHAPro ... we work on that... sorry, but yesterday was some Attack on my site and we must fix that.

Thank you on your understanding !!


utorak, 1. studenoga 2016.

American Truck Simulator - new places

Like on ETS2 map, them same is with ATS map ... it is in progress, not so fast , but it is ... I still work on it...parallel I wait on Rescale map ...etc ...

New places on MHAPro ATS map will be Coachella (bigger place) and Indio with road over mountain to west ....


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