utorak, 15. studenoga 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator - update 1.26

So, story is like that !!

SCS team realesed Beta version 1.26 for ETS2 ( Euro Truck Simulator 2 ), and now they fix all problems in there ....

I made my MHAPRo map compatible with that version, but on other hand, because SCS team "over work" whole France, part of Switzerland and Italy, I must put back my FRA cities too, which I all lost with that Update ... the same thing will happen in ATS ( American Truck Simulator ) too !

So, for now I fixed Torino and all companies in there , and two FRA cities,  Bossancourt and Chaumont...still I must make all connections with those two cities.

About new cities, 4 of 5 cities are totaly finished...one is still open, I mean in progress. And it will be ready in that update too...of course.

You must understand why I dont write to much here or in some other Forum, like SCS fourm, because I work all the time on my maps. That is main reason, and with this writting and answering, I lost a lot of time.

On other hand, ATS I froze ! Until SCS team will not release that Rescale map ...and then wait me big work, put my work back in that new map ...

I must say, after when I changed my system with Support download, many people realy support me and download my Support version. Thank you a lot on that people, to everybody !!


p.s. sorry if you had some problems with Registration on my site, from time to time some of those SPAM-ers attack site and Server automaticly block site. Some where in start of new 2017.y  I will release totaly new site with more security on it, so be patient.
For any problems, my mail is always open, you can contact me for any problem with my map MOD.

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