srijeda, 30. studenoga 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator - when will be MHAPro 1.26.x out ?

Answer is realy leisurely ....

Yesterday SCS team updated there version 1.26.1 in Public, now is up to us to make playable our versions ...

With that update I lost on MHAPro map all FRA cities, all companies, roads ...everything ...

My plan is to fix some of them in first round .... I hope so .... I work on that ... and I think that will be my MHAPro out somewhere in Saturday or Sunday on my site.

For sure will be out first support version, and I hope that you will support me like always. That just give me proof that I'm on right way with work and I can work further with that my MHAPro map.

Free version will be out next week , be patient, I must make compatible with everything. It is not so easy like some of  you maybe think . 

But it will be here , for sure.

The same , maybe worst , is situation with ATS game, where I can not upload my MHAPro ATS map .. 

I will see how I will make that, but you will get informations here !

So, please ,be patient !



2 komentara:

  1. Cz-dekujeme za tvou pokracujici praci na mape
    En-Thank you for your continued work on the map

    1. thank you on your support ! ... to all fans



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