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MHAPro map without and withDown DLC France is out !!

Hello fans,

thank you first to all my supporters !  On my site is now Support map MOD which works just with DLC France !  ... I tryed to make version without DLC France too, but somehow it wont work... I rebuild whole map without any problem without DLC France, whithout any error in there ... but in game that MOD wont work.

Free version is still in testing ... it is not perfect, because it has some 3 mistakes in there , but for now , MOD works what is more important for those who dont have DLC France for now.

I am very disappointed with SCS work in new update !  ...they put whole game on lower base, textures are not anymore so clear, trees,brushwood and other organic things near (close to) road are on very low quality...that you can see on pictures too ... 

First I thought that I dont see ok ... .then I look on other places and, yes, they changed all look on vegetation .... 

What is new ? .. some other thing are new too ... but I must tell first about DLC France .... 

To classic player , that will look good, maybe awesome too ... but to those ,who work on maps, they will see first, that places, like cities go in direction, smaller and smaller , with just some compnies on one place and that 's it ... cities you can see mostly from far ... and cities are now just in pictures, no more in Models .... like on pictures ... 

for me, SCS team goes in totaly wrong way and they 're realy close to those old games in collection 18 WOS ...... closer and closer.

Many of you will not support my opinion, I understand that, but I look with eyes like Moderator of map .... and I can just tell you that I'm disappointed on first place with vegetation look, which is close to road ....

Like this in middle of some France city ...  

You can see on picture, that building which is near road and far more than this trees closer, looking better than this trees here .... vegetation is on disaster low level .... I did not saw in those games from 18 WOS .... 

Or those hedges .... where they find people who made this ??

And many other things are here which must be better, like for example AI cars on highways. Traffic is better like on start, but is still one big shity thing .... you can see slow cars how drive in left line or AI truck which drive whole the time on left side and then AI cars overtake that slow AI car on right side .... so, what they will do about that ? when ? ...2050 .y ?? ... come one SCS team ... move your asses and make better game finaly !
  Now we have , what we have ...  I just hope, that SCS team will realize that is not good and they must put back game on higher quality !

About Free version MHAPro map .... already when I will have that option ready ...  I will release it.

Here are Download for my MHAPro map without DLC France. MHAPro map which work with DLC France you will find on my site , please go there and download it there (link to site is on right side of blog).

Download links (without DLC France)

Part 1       Part 2      Part  3      Part  4       Part  5

Download links for MHAPro map for game with DLC France you can find on my site HERE !!
(you must be LogIn site if you want download my MHAPro map)

Enjoy !

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  1. Something is wrong with packs of part two and three, WinRar says they are damaged and unable to exctract. I tried to download them for three times with the same result. Can you help? You can send me answer to please :)

    1. I mean email adress

  2. i can t unpack the archive... someting is wrong with packs

  3. I tested everything, work like it must. If you have some kind problem, contact me on my mail...there you'll get faster answer ! ...with some picture what you do or how you do that ...

  4. I can agree with you in some points.
    SCS goes a bit wrong here. Iam disappointed in some cases what they did with the rebuild of france.
    First on yes it looks definitely more awsome as before from the road management and the vegeation and the environment but you´re also still right that SCS reduced the size of the cities. WHERE IS PARIS? In my opinion it not exist anymore. Where is the downtown of Paris? There is only a industrial part of paris.
    Hopefully the modders can improve this DLC.

  5. WTF!!!

    goto -15370 70 -1857
    goto -15230 78 -1925
    goto -14450 97 -1960
    goto -14190 80 -1833
    goto -14346 117 -2262
    goto -14354 95 -2457
    goto -14401 72 -2787



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