nedjelja, 4. prosinca 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - MHAPro EU 1.26. is out !!

Support version is already out on my site !  Thank you to all those players who will support me and those who will support me in future too.

Free version will be out in some few days. I have some problems with one sector in France and I must fix that first. All information about release will be here.

On both picture you can see which parts of France I already overlook, fix, change and put my companies back in game ... but still I must put back Auxerre , Dieppe and Amiens , but that will be in next update, when  we will have DLC France too.

This version will still work without DLC France too, but next update will not.

Enjoy in playing !  If you will have any kind problems with my map (not with other MODs), please contact me on my mail, you can find it on every corner.

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  1. you can only download the 1.25 from the 3 sever and have to pay for the 1.26

    1. also on the sever page where you choose your sever it says to download it for 2 euros but when you click on the sever its 3 euros

  2. People, please, READ and LOOK good on site what there write and which pictures you have there !

    Support means that you support my work, and I wrote here on blog everything too. I wrote too, that will be Free version out in some day , so be please patient.

    Here is picture from my site and look good that Support picture ;)



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