četvrtak, 22. prosinca 2016.

MHAPro map and American Truck Simulator

Progress going on .... it is a little bid frustrating start again after all from Zero point on map , after Rescale ... which was huge SCS mistake from start ... but , now is it. 

I started again on totaly new MHAPro map for ATS game .... and like I said in some 30 days I will release first update ... it will not be so huge , with many new places but it will be more beauty and
functional update, with new parking places, new models in map, more beauty and such a things ... if I will have time, I will put some my old place in there ... but that need some more time.

I think you need first map which will be more realistic than is Deafault game. And I just hope that I will make it like it must be ... 

Most of my old places I must make again from start, I mean from totaly start...and that is totaly frustrating ...after more than 1.y work, I'm again on start ... and that is just because someone in SCS do not think in front ... but anyway, now we have what we have....they did good job with rescale. Still are in there many mistakes ...but, we all make them, right.

So, be here from time to time ... and you'll know everything about both MHAPro maps !

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  1. What I liked about pre-rescale MHApro map wasn't just the extra cities (which were nice though), but that it filled the scenery with more places to park, load/unload, and overall ambience (shitload of ad signs). Looking forward to the new version.

    1. nice to hear that ! ... I will do everything that will be my map MHAPro ATS in some 4-5 updates in old Route again !!



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