ponedjeljak, 5. prosinca 2016.

MHAPro map + DLC France

I looked in combination with my map MOD and DLC France and some Sectors missing.

So, to those who already download my Support version, I will send new update later today I hope. I already work on that.

I will send on those Mails which I can see in my Paypal ...so, look in there somewhere on the end of day...

I must fix that on fast .

Sorry on that , but I will fix that.


I sent already new download link , to those who downloaded Support version , on mail which I saw in Paypal !!  ..

If you did not use your mail, please contact me with "mail" which you used and name which you use when you downloaded Support version, on my mail.

If I can find you in Paypal, of course , I will send you download link .


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