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IMPORTANT NOTE about posting !

About MHAPro progress posting !

From now on, I will all my Posts write on my site. So, if you want read them and see what is new, you can read them on :


For that you dont need to be LogIn site.

In there you will see always 1+4 posts .. than 1 (one) on top will be always latest. Just click then on Read More ...and you will see whole Post

I'm already full in work again and today I just post my first new post on my site about progress on ATS map MOD.


Enjoy in reading.

utorak, 1. kolovoza 2017.

MHAPro EU 1.28 for ETS2 v1.28.x IS OUT !

Hi fans,

finally , MHAPro 1.28 is out on my site. You can download it there.

From tomorrow ,02.08 until 28.8. I will be out of my work. So, you can contact me on my Mail and I will answer to you as soon as possible.

SCS team still has some small problem in one company, but unfortunately I can not do more about that ... they did not Update map MOD in two days...they're really slow.

Those who will Support me ... SAVE your download site and tomorrow you can download again ... because for sure I will today very late update again my map MOD.

Enjoy in playing.

ETS2 - MHAPro EU 1.28  (Support version with 1.28.x None-steam and Steam and higher):   
- work with all DLC's
1. new company ECO (gas station) in game MOD
2. new city Troyes  - campoint 1004
- company Eco
- company ITCC
- company WGCC
- company EuroGoodies
- company Sag-Tre
- company Roadwork
3. new HW  A5 in France - from Chaumont - Troyes (F)
4. new highway to Chamount (F)
5. new normal roads around city Troyes (F)
6. new prices on some highway Toll gates
7. new Toll gate near Strasbourg (F)
8. new Toll gate near Lille (F)
9. new Toll gates from Lille (F) to directions Calais (F) and Dippe (F)
10. new Toll gate between Nantes and Brest (F)
11. city Nantes (F) 
- company MHA Service
- new billboards around city
- company Eco
12. better look on highway Nantes - Brest (F)
13. fixed and overlook normal road from Prag (CZ) to Frankurt (D)
14. new normal road from Kranj (SLO) to Klagenfurt (A)
15. new signs on new roads
16. new normal road from Troyes (F) to Chaumont and Bossancourt (F)
17. fixed prefab Underground company
18. highway from Troyes to Orleans (F) A5
19. highway from cross to Orleans (F) to big cross A5 - A26
20. finished highway A5 from Troyes to Reims/Paris - A5
21. 3 new big crosses with complete new roads on that place around A5/A 26/A 4 France
22. finished highway from Troyes to direction Reims and Paris A26
23. new city Vejle (DK)
- company Foodservice
- company MHA Service
- company Nor_food
- company Maxilla Transport
24. new roads around city
25. new highway with all new look on sea
26. new signs for city, after 3 weeks work, city is finished
27. overlook roads around Glasgow (UK)
28. new signs to Inverness (UK)
29. new city Inversness (UK)
- company MHA Service
- company Stoke
- company Europe
- company Food service
30. fixed roads around Glasgow (UK)
31. new roads from Glasgow to Inverness (UK) to north 
32. overlook all north Scotland roads again and redesigned
33. Rebuilt whole map on version 1.28 !
34. new city look Michelau (Lux)
- company Maxilla
- company Car service

Download link from my site :   MHAPro  !!

subota, 29. srpnja 2017.

Coming soon ...

new MHAPro EU 1.28 for ETS2 v1.28.x will be soon out ... probably tomorrow late by my time ..

I still want to test my map MOD and make everything good before I go on vacation.

Thank you to my fan, I got really nice Video that I can show you , what is new in new update :

Enjoy !

četvrtak, 27. srpnja 2017.

Beta SCS ETS2 is open too ...

...if you saw, Beta is open for ETS2 too ....

My vacation start 02.08.2017 and most time I will be out of Internet. But before that, I will release MHAPro EU 1.28 for ETS2 1.28x too ....

I'm already testing that ... so, you will get map MOD for new update before my vacation. That map MOD works on Beta and it will work later too when SCS send in Public that 1.28 Update.

If you will have some question, my mail will be open, and I will look once in day on my mail and answer to everybody, like always.

About MHAPro for ATS ,  that map MOD will be updated too on new 1.28 version and it will be out this days too.

Free version will be in Download Section, Supporters will get mail with download link from me in Mail box which I will find in my Paypal donation box. That is reason why I ask you for good mail.

Those who donated to me in past for that version and you did not get link in mail, contact me with proof that you Donated to me and I will send you download link.

Be patient 3-5 days for new MHAPro updates !! 😄  From MHAPro site you'll get mail, when will be map MOD for ETS2 ready on my site !!

četvrtak, 20. srpnja 2017.

MHAPro 1.6.5 for BETA 1.28 ?

Is it works ? ... yes ... but you must change number in MANIFEST document inside the map MOD !!

How to do that ?? ...  Look instructions and all pictures and on the end you will see it is not so hard to do that !

I try it in new Update and MHAPro map works ok .

Instructions how to update MANIFEST document  :

1. open MHAPro MOD - > click 2x on it !! http://prntscr.com/fy8mhp ( on right side is open MOD)
2. http://prntscr.com/fy8mw8
3. it will open document - > http://prntscr.com/fy8n7n
4. scroll down that document to that place where are Update numbers - > http://prntscr.com/fy8nil
5. change number 1.7 in 1.28 http://prntscr.com/fy8ntd and close document http://prntscr.com/fy8o3w
6. click - > SAVE http://prntscr.com/fy8oau
7. then click YES -> http://prntscr.com/fy8ojk
8. click OK -> http://prntscr.com/fy8or6
9. and on the end click YES -> http://prntscr.com/fy8ozr
10. now you can play on Beta 1.28 !!

četvrtak, 6. srpnja 2017.

MHAPro 1.6.5. for ATS v1.6 IS OUT !

Finally , fans, new update MHAPro for ATS game is here ...  you can download it on my site :


You must be Register and then you can Download from my site.

New in MHAPRo  is ...

MHAPro ATS 1.6.5. (in support version Compatible with 1.6 Steam and higher):

1. fixed some small problems ,mistakes and small bugs
2. new small city McGill (NV)
- re_train
- mha_constr
- roadwork_mha
3. city Ely (NV)
- new garage
- new look
- new parking places
- comapny Bruger King
4. overlook road nbr.6 - Ely - Tonopah
5. city Carson city
- new garage
- company mha roadwork
- new gas station
- company McDonalds
6. new village Topaz Lake (NV)
- company gal_oil_gst
- company cm_min_qry
- new look
7. new village Bishop (NV)
- company gal_oil_gst
- hms_con_svc
- new look
8. overlook road 395 from
9. new company Target in map MOD
10. overlook city Fresno
- company Target
- new look
- roads around city
11. new look on roads around Huron
12. fixed prefab Underground company
13. overlook city Ukiah
- company Roadwork
- company sc_frm_grg
14. new road from Ukiah to south (some 50-70 miles)
15. fixed some small problem or mistakes on map
16. overlook city Tonopah
17. overlook roads nbr. 6 and 95 around Tonopah city
18. new village Goldfield (NV)
- company gal_oil_gst
- company cm_min_qry
- new open road
19. overlook whole road 95
20. new city Beatty (NV)
- company Target
- company MHA service
- company ed_mkt
- new open road
21. new village Big Smoky (NV)
- company chm_che_plnt
- company underground
- new roads
22. overlook road 376 from north to south.
23. overlook road 50 from Ely to west
24. new city Austin (NV)
- company gal_oil_gst
- company hms_con_svc
- company ed_mkt
- company Roadwork
25. Hornbrook (CA)
- company Roadwork
26. overlook road 305 from Winnemuca to Austin
27. new garage in Kingman city
28. new village Vidal Junction
- company gal_oil_gst
- company ed_mkt
29. fixed and cleared small mistakes with grass on roads, some other
     small problems in map
30. overlook Ehrenberg
31. overlook road 95 from Ehrenberg to north highway 40

Enjoy in playing !!

subota, 1. srpnja 2017.

MHAPro in ETS2 game ...

Next city in MHAPro map for ETS2 game will be  Vejle, Denmark.

It takes while ... and I'm almost done with that city ... but I will still work some 2-3 weeks before I will release next update ...

All new work you will find in Support version, and I want give to me fans who support me , really more of my work in short time ... and I hope they will be happy with my map work again ...

MHAPro map 1.6.5 for ATS is on the way too .... be patient ... ATS map will be out in short.

petak, 30. lipnja 2017.

New company in MHAPro maps and ATS info ...

In next MHAPro for ETS2 you'll see new company too ...

One you already saw ... probably , underground company .... next one is coming ...

This days will be out new MHAPro for ATS too ... you will get info here and those who are Register on my site, cross mail too.

Thank you to Nishant, I have that great Model in game too .... how he did that ... look on his video ...

subota, 17. lipnja 2017.

MHAPro and next update for ATS ....

.... new update for ATS game is close !  ....In front of me is one week testing and if will be everything ok, next week ,somewhere between 26..6 and 30.6.2017 I will release new update for ATS game.

Which system will be for Support version, I will see with my site Admin... on release day you will now everything. Free version will be on direct download on my site ...

In new update you will find many new roads, new villages and cities , new companies on new places..etc ... exactly 8 totally new places and many new places around old cities ...some new garages and service places in front of garages ... etc, etc ....

MHAPro map for ETS2 is still in progress. Many time I lost on updating my data for last SCS 1.27 update (some on ATS too).... we must updated all Models and Prefabs cross zModeler or Blender (which use SCS team) ... and I hope like always that was last update like this with those games ...  now that all reflects on my both maps and my release which will be late...for ETS2 map more than with ATS map.

More information in next week ...

utorak, 6. lipnja 2017.

MHAPro and ATS - this time

I hope you dont think that I dont work on my maps so much anymore .... contrary ... it takes a lot of time ... new cities , new places, roads, models ... etc ....

Today I will show you new places for ATS game .....  I plan to work on ATS map still some 2-3 weeks more ...to make some new city more ... for now next update have 4 totally new cities in there, many new companies in older cities and new garages too ... with new roads etc ....

But mostly you will see when you will drive in my map MOD ....

Like you see, I'm not so active on SCS forum ... because I dont want to lost to much time with any forum ... sorry on that ... but every minute for my maps is to me very value .... and it is not question about one post ... many fans have many questions ...

So, if you have any problem or question, contact me on my mail ... and I will answer for sure very fast .... but to be active to much on forums ... that is not my style .. my style is work, work ,work ... and those who really knows me , they know that I speak only the truth.

Now pictures ..... of course .... map for ETS 2 is in progress too ... but right now I can see that I lost almost 4 weeks on last SCS update ... and now is everything shifted.

četvrtak, 25. svibnja 2017.

New pictures for new MHAPro map MOD on ETS2

New city Troyes, with road connections around city, highway A5 from south to Troyes and further is on away ... some new 200 km roads ,highways and normal roads + city Troyes and other stuff ....

Map is in progress .. .still ....  for next Support map must be more stuff in there ... so, I will work on some new cities and roads ... probably one in Danmark and one in UK .....

Lets go on work ...

And.... YES  .... ATS is in progress too ...dont worry ... I work on both maps !! ;)


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