utorak, 24. siječnja 2017.

American Truck Simulator and MHAPro progress

NEW Update MHAPro EU 1.26.5. IS OUT ! 
Find it on Official site MHAPro HERE !

If you use Free version, I updated map and if you want latest version, you must download again Part 2 !!

Those who use Support version, will get today new mail (on mail which I can see in Paypal)  with Update map in there  !!

On start for all Fans who play on Free version of my MHAPro 1.26.5. version, map is updated. Some of you already saw , that some places in north France missing...so, I already updated this part of map today. Download links are on my site .
You must after download Replace all 5 Parts and it will work everything like it must, with all texture and everything there.

I will show you new pictures from my ATS progress ... so, if you wait on my MHAPro map for ATS, that will be soon out too... I need some time, I think max. some 10 days.

Here are pictures.

All that new things and places will be in Support version, which will be much better in future than Free version. The same thing is with ETS2 map .

nedjelja, 22. siječnja 2017.

Euro Truck Simulator - MHAPro map 1.26.5 for ETS2 v.1.26.x - OUT !

Hello Everybody,

so here is MHAPro map v1.26.5  for Euro Truck Simulator  ...

My map MODs  has the same number in name on start like Default game.

I think that will help many players to compare if they use right map MOD for right update.

Link to site is on right side of blog. You must just LogIn and download map in Download hub.

You must know that with Support (Donate version) you dont just Donate and support me, you will get bigger and better map for playing in ETS2 game. For that kind work, I decided long time ago, and now already all my Supporters play 2 updates on better maps than those fans who use just free version.

Thank you to all players, who want support me and my work !! And of course to all other fans too.

Free download goes direct from my ShareMods server.

ETS2 - MHAPro EU 1.26.5 (Compatible with 1.26.x None-steam and Steam and higher): 

1. new village Paluel
    - company nos_pat_cf
    - company Roadwork
2. new city Dieppe (back in map)
    - company Gradis
    - company ITTC
    - company Maxilla
    - company E.Leclerc
    - company Tradeux
    - company service MHAPro
    - company ConCargo
3. new roads and  connections between cities
4. new road from Dieppe (F) to Le Havre (F)
5. new small city Cany-Barville (F)
    - company dans_jardin
    - company car-service
6. new city Auxerre (back in map)
    - company Sawmill
    - company Maxilla Transport
    - company Europe
    - company Fueltrans
    - company Roadwork
7. changed Rostock ferry dock
8. finished connection between Le Havre and Cany-Barville (F)
9. new Port in Le Havre
10. new city Issoudun
    - company Leclerc
    - car_service
11. new roads around Zwickau (D)
12. Roermond (NL) - new gas station in city
13. North Tawton (UK)
    - company food_service
14. fixed many small mistakes, bugs
15. fixed some compnies prefabs
16. fixed some models

You must have ALL 3 big DLC's (East,North,France) !!

You will find this just in support version.

Download place : 


You must be LogIn in site.

FREE Version you can download here :

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5

If you have any kind of problem with my map MOD, contact me on my Mail  - msheavyalex@gmail.com  !!

Please respect my work and do not upload my work and share it on other sites.

utorak, 17. siječnja 2017.

MHAPro map and Euro Truck Simulator

Hello fans,

almost is done next update MHAPro map for ETS2 .... until Sanduy 22.1.2017 I think it will be in Public ... so, you will access to Download ...of course, you will all details here too.

In new update will be new places in France this time... I still work on compatibility all my old places which was in my map before DLC France release ...

This Update will work just with all 3 big DLC's, DLC East, DLC North (Scand.) and DLC France.

You'll find new cities , new roads, new companies, more new stuff and other things , new connections etc.... a lot of new things ...  all INFO about new update you can always find in RAR document or in MOD MANAGER in game where you must click on MOD and then on small " i " (info) in corner .

About MHAPro map for ATS game, it is in progress and not so far from first new release after rescale map .... I still work on that and I have plan to release that somehow until to end of this month or some day before or after that last day ... hehehe ... that is plan.

If you will look every 2-3 days on Blog, you will not miss any information about my maps.

Enjoy in playing !!

Thank you to all my Supporters and for your Donations !!  

nedjelja, 8. siječnja 2017.

American Truck Simulator and MHAPro

After Rescale map I started with totaly new game MOD map, because rescale map destroy my whole 1.y work ... and I can not just copy /paste my work back in there ... without many problems and lost a lot of time ....

So, I decided it will be faster if I start from nothing again .... some things I will take time and copy in new map, but mostly I will not....

My plan is that will be my map MOD in some 3-5 updates on the same stage like was before Rescale game and with some new places too .... it will be better and some more places will be in there too ...

My first release will be somewhere on the end of this month or some day before or later ... we will see .... I hope it will be everything by the plan. All Info you will find here on my blog, with pictures too ...

First of all I must put more trucks and cars in game, some Ads, Billboards, new parking places etc .... I hope I will do that cross whole map ... on other hand in there will be first new places back with companies and cities ... but first on north of map and from there I will go to the south ....

I must somehow with plan, because fast you can lost in such a work ....

More information comming soon ....

Pictures ....

srijeda, 4. siječnja 2017.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - MHAPro

I decided to show you new places on next update MHAPro ....

With new update and DLC France, I lost whole my work in France, because I decided to replace old Sectors with new one ... some risk, but I already put back Dieppe and Auxerre . In the same time I made some new places too ... and connections, new port in Le Havre etc ...

Next step is Amiens which I will put back in map MOD .... maybe I will make some new place too ... and then I will release ETS2 version again .....

ATS map is of course in progress too ... but it will take much, much more time for put whole things back in map then ever and ETS2 too.

But like I said ... cross some 3-4 updates my map MOD will be on the same route like before Resacling game ....

Here are pictures from ETS2 map for new release ...


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