utorak, 24. siječnja 2017.

American Truck Simulator and MHAPro progress

NEW Update MHAPro EU 1.26.5. IS OUT ! 
Find it on Official site MHAPro HERE !

If you use Free version, I updated map and if you want latest version, you must download again Part 2 !!

Those who use Support version, will get today new mail (on mail which I can see in Paypal)  with Update map in there  !!

On start for all Fans who play on Free version of my MHAPro 1.26.5. version, map is updated. Some of you already saw , that some places in north France missing...so, I already updated this part of map today. Download links are on my site .
You must after download Replace all 5 Parts and it will work everything like it must, with all texture and everything there.

I will show you new pictures from my ATS progress ... so, if you wait on my MHAPro map for ATS, that will be soon out too... I need some time, I think max. some 10 days.

Here are pictures.

All that new things and places will be in Support version, which will be much better in future than Free version. The same thing is with ETS2 map .

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  1. waiting only maps to use for both ets2/ats keep up the great work thanks



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