utorak, 17. siječnja 2017.

MHAPro map and Euro Truck Simulator

Hello fans,

almost is done next update MHAPro map for ETS2 .... until Sanduy 22.1.2017 I think it will be in Public ... so, you will access to Download ...of course, you will all details here too.

In new update will be new places in France this time... I still work on compatibility all my old places which was in my map before DLC France release ...

This Update will work just with all 3 big DLC's, DLC East, DLC North (Scand.) and DLC France.

You'll find new cities , new roads, new companies, more new stuff and other things , new connections etc.... a lot of new things ...  all INFO about new update you can always find in RAR document or in MOD MANAGER in game where you must click on MOD and then on small " i " (info) in corner .

About MHAPro map for ATS game, it is in progress and not so far from first new release after rescale map .... I still work on that and I have plan to release that somehow until to end of this month or some day before or after that last day ... hehehe ... that is plan.

If you will look every 2-3 days on Blog, you will not miss any information about my maps.

Enjoy in playing !!

Thank you to all my Supporters and for your Donations !!  

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