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Euro Truck Simulator 2 - progress on MHAPro

hello fans ...

just on short ... I work, like always , full time on both maps ... and today I will show you some new places which will be in next Support update. What will be more of that ... right now I dont know, because I must first finish that things ... but it will be more of that for sure...

Thank you to all of you who support me !!  I greatly appreciate it !!!

Enjoy in pictures ... and of course in playing on my maps ...

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petak, 10. veljače 2017.

MHAPro in progress ....

NEW Update MHAPro EU 1.26.5. AND ATS 1.5 IS OUT ! 
Find it on Official site MHAPro HERE !

After when are both maps out, now are normaly in progress of course...

To new places, cities etc.....

For ETS2 I dont have any picture for now ... but ATS first pictures are here .... from Stockton to north will be new highway road 99 .... with new connections to Sacramento and new big cross which will take a lot of time ... like always.

nedjelja, 5. veljače 2017.

American Truck Simulator - MHAPro map 1.5 for ATS v.1.5.x - OUT !

NEW Update MHAPro EU 1.26.5. IS OUT ! 
Find it on Official site MHAPro HERE !

My map MOD MHAPro 1.5 for American Truck Simulator 1.5.x new Rescale map is out and you can find it on my site !!

Link to site is on right side of blog. You must just LogIn and download map in Download hub.

Both version are out, free and support version.

Thank you to all players, who want support me and my work !!And of course to all other fans too.


MHAPro ATS 1.5 (support version Compatible with 1.5.x Steam and higher):

1. Overlook places (look pictures in RAR document)
2. Jackpot city - overlook
    - company mha_constr
    - company roadwork_mha
3. new look road 93
    - new gas station
4. Wells city - back from my old map  
    - company wal_food_mkt
    - company gal_oil_gst
    - company service mha
5. Battle Mountain - back from my old map
    - company roadwork
    - company Rcic
6. connected B.Mountain - Winnemucca with new road
7. overlook whole road 95
8. McDermit - back from my old map
    - company MHA service
    - company MHA constr
9. Reno - overlook
    - company MHA service
    - company Burgerking
10.Redding - overlook
    - company MHA service
11. overlook road 299
    - new gas station
12. Eureka - overlook
    - company rcic
13. new company FoodService (underground) in MOD
14. Laytonville city - back from my old map
    - company MHA service
    - company wal_food_mkt
    - company underground FoodService
15. new signs for highways in game MOD
16. overlook road CA 101
17. overlook San Rafael
    - company MHA Service
18. overlook S.Francisco
19. overlook highway US 580
20. overlook highway US 80
21. overlook highway US 5
22. many new parking places
23. overlook road 58
24. overlook road 198
25. Winemucca - overlook
    - company Burgerking
26. Elko - overlook
27. Stockton - overlook
28. Oakdale - overlook
29. overlook highway 99
30. overlook highway 15
31. Primm - overlook
    - company MHA service
32. overlook highway 95
33. overlook highway 5 from north to L.Angeles
34. overlook highway 101
35. Oxnard - overlook
36. Santa Maria - overlook
    - company MHA Service
37. overlook highway 58
38. overlook highway + road 395
    - some new parking places
39. Sacramento - overlook
    - company Ikea
    - company MHA Service
40. Bakersfield - overlook
    - company Ikea
    - company MHA Constr
    - company Premiere
    - company MHA Service
    - company Mc Donalds  
    - company Road work
41. fixed many small and big SCS mistakes

Download place : 

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

You must be LogIn in site.

Support version is much bigger and better than Free version ... you have in both  MODs "mod description" in which you can read what is in there.

If you Support me, please use some good mail ... maybe I will send you some new update too !! 

If you have any kind of problem with my map MOD, contact me on my Mail  -  !!

Please respect my work and do not upload my work on other sites.

srijeda, 1. veljače 2017.

MHAPro on ATS game ....

NEW Update MHAPro EU 1.26.5. IS OUT ! 
Find it on Official site MHAPro HERE !

New information about MHAPro map release ... 

I decided that I will work whole this week and then release in some day in Sunday 5.2.2017. will get note here when will be map out ... 

That first release will be first on Rescale map and with my some old places in map ... in there you'll find pictures what I did and what I not yet .... it takes a lot of time just because that I decided to work this week to, that you can get more on first release.

Like I said many times already, the same will be in future on MHAPro ATS too ... Free version will be much, much smaller then Support version...the same is with MHAPro for ETS2 already from 1.25 update !!, if you want play on good, quality mod, you must support my work with small ammount of €3 for map ...that all ..

In future, I will update all maps for any SCS public update, like in ETS2 and ATS.

Here I have Videos from Rusty too , who will show you small part of my new updated maps, which will be behind Support version.

I must thanks to all my Supporters, because of them I work on Free version too.... so, if you dont know if is good map or not .... try it .... ammount of €3 is not big...right. You must just have some Credit Card and support over Paypal ... if you dont have it  , open it, it is fast and easy !

enjoy in looking !



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