srijeda, 1. veljače 2017.

MHAPro on ATS game ....

NEW Update MHAPro EU 1.26.5. IS OUT ! 
Find it on Official site MHAPro HERE !

New information about MHAPro map release ... 

I decided that I will work whole this week and then release in some day in Sunday 5.2.2017. will get note here when will be map out ... 

That first release will be first on Rescale map and with my some old places in map ... in there you'll find pictures what I did and what I not yet .... it takes a lot of time just because that I decided to work this week to, that you can get more on first release.

Like I said many times already, the same will be in future on MHAPro ATS too ... Free version will be much, much smaller then Support version...the same is with MHAPro for ETS2 already from 1.25 update !!, if you want play on good, quality mod, you must support my work with small ammount of €3 for map ...that all ..

In future, I will update all maps for any SCS public update, like in ETS2 and ATS.

Here I have Videos from Rusty too , who will show you small part of my new updated maps, which will be behind Support version.

I must thanks to all my Supporters, because of them I work on Free version too.... so, if you dont know if is good map or not .... try it .... ammount of €3 is not big...right. You must just have some Credit Card and support over Paypal ... if you dont have it  , open it, it is fast and easy !

enjoy in looking !


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