petak, 31. ožujka 2017.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - when will be MHAPro map ready ?

Question is when it will be ready and release MHPro 1.27 ? ... right ?

Answer is almost simple .... for some 2-3 weeks maximum .

Until then I will can show you some pictures from new places which will be in there too ... this time take a lot of time  put all my MOD data in old form ... that will work perfect without any big or none problem .... a lot of time took to me to put both games in new updates, I lost some time on mapping too.

I'm already close, map MOD is ok, working in Editor. Some my good big old Donors already test my map MOD and results are almost ok ... but still I must update some mine work and I wait on FLD package MOD too.

Please, be patient will be out, but unfortunately every updating take some time .

četvrtak, 30. ožujka 2017.

Videos of my work on ATS and ETS2 games ...


You can always find more Videos about my work on right side of my blog .... there are some Fans who made videos of map ... and in there of their YT Profile you can see more videos !

MHAPro EU map MOD is in progress .... I must update some Models more and I must finish my old work which I started on my 1.26.5 map ... it will take some 14 -21 days for sure  ... please be patient ... map is already in testing too ...

in ATS

in ETS2

some parking place what you will find in my map MOD ...

Enjoy in looking .. 

subota, 25. ožujka 2017.

American Truck Simulator - MHAPro map 1.6 for ATS v.1.6.x - OUT !

If you play with FREE version MHAPro 1.6 - I suggest that you download Part 2 again ... because I found mistake which cause some crash on map  !! Down there is link of Part 2 which you must replace in your mod folder !  

Support game MOD is perfect and works ok !!

After big SCS update 1.6 is finally MHAPro map 1.6 for that version too  !!

That I can not unfortunately tell for ETS2 map ... which will be ready in some 3 weeks if will be everything like it must be .. all information will be here on my blog.

If you want good game MOD version, download that just from my site. For others copy version I'm not responsible if they work ok or not.

Link to site is on right side of blog. You must just LogIn and download map in Download hub.

Both version are out, free and support version.

Thank you to all players, who want support me and my work !!And of course to all other fans too.


MHAPro ATS 1.6 (support version Compatible with 1.6.x Steam and higher):

1 WEEK full time (from 7-15h/day) work on compatibility for update 1.6 !!

1. new highway from Stockton to Sacramento (CA) -highway 99
2. new highway from Sacramento to North -connection to highway 80
3. new part of Sacramento
- company McDonalds
- company Petrol with big TA parking
4. new road connection from highway 99 to Sacramento
5. new big cross highways 80 and 99
6. overlook highway 40 - Barstow/Kingman
- new trucks on parking places
- new parking places etc.
7. overlook Kingman
- company BurgerKing
- company MHA service
8. overlook Camp Verde
- company Road work
- company BurgerKing
- company MHA Service
- new roads
9. overlook Flagstaff
- company hms_con_svc - new position
- company Premiere
10. city Phoenix
- company Ikea
11. overlook highway 8 from cross Phoniex to cross El Centro
12. overlook Yuma
- company McDonalds
- made some death roads in city in life roads
13. parking places on highway 8
14. overlook El Centro
- company MHAService
- company MHA Constr
15. totaly new sign Billboard - because of SCS update
16. fixed some mistakes and bugs
17. village Niland
- company gal_oil_gst
- company re_train
18. city Tucson
- company MHA Service
- company gal_oil_gst
19. open racing track in Tucson
20. new road from Tucson to racing track
21. village Mecca
- company gal_oil_gst
- company mha_constr
22. fixed collision on Prefab transport216
23. new small town Coachella (CA)
- company Burger King
- company Petrol
- company cha_el_mkt

Download place : 


You must be LogIn in site.

Replace Part 2 in your Free game MOD version :   Part 2

Support version is much bigger and better than Free version ... description of support version is above.

If you Support me, please use some good mail ... in case that I find some big mistake, I must update my map and send to supporters again  !

If you have any kind of problem with my map MOD, contact me on my Mail  -  !!

Please respect my work and do not upload my work on other sites.

petak, 24. ožujka 2017.

New SCS updates are out !!

Like you maybe saw on SCS blog, updates are public now.

MHAPro 1.6 for ATS 1.6 will be out in max 3 days ... maybe before of that .... everything you will find here on blog .... I must manage everything together for release ... in this 2-3 days maybe I found some mistake more and I can fix too ! ....

MHAPro 1.27 for ETS2 1.27 is still in progress .... many Models and Prefabs I must update in new version, some things SCS remove or replace inside game and I must find those things too ... so , until I will not have everything perfect, game do not give me access to Rebuild whole map ...

Unfortunately, does not work without that ! All information about MHAPro map for ETS2 you will find here too ... but be patient .  I hope I will have data together fast.

Be here and you will be know everything about this two maps ...

Thank you on your Support !!!


petak, 17. ožujka 2017.

MHAPro map on new ATS 1.6 update ...

...coming soon  !!   You will not wait long time on new update after when SCS team will release new 1.6 update, in that you can be sure ... But , please give some time , I want to finish one more place for you ... that you will enjoy in playing on my map MOD !

I will post some pictures from totally new places on my map MOD ... you will get list with my work in MOD...and in post when I will release my map, dont worry, you will see always what is new.

ETS2 progress -

map MOD is in progress and in updating all my Models and Prefabs + FLD package which I use too it must be updated too ... so, obviously will take some time that my map MOD will be back ... I still can not Rebuild my map for new update 1.27 ... game crash in Editor .  I hope that will be everything ok after all updates on models and prefabs which with FLD we must do on that ...he on his package and me on mine.

From time to time look on Blog here and you'll always knows everything about MHAPro map MODs .... sorry, that I can not be on every place every day, you must understand that I'm not such a person , that I love to be on every Forum ... but I try to contact you sometimes on SCS Forum...with all that I lost to much time which I put in maps ...

You must understand ... that I'm "one man band" .... so, I work in 99 % alone on my maps and models, with zModeler etc ... I have some help from side by my daughter and nice guy Nishant ... if I need some help, here is always my good friend Nico from ProMods ... and that is all ...

Thank you ALL for support until now !! I greatly appreciate it !!

srijeda, 8. ožujka 2017.

Beta SCS updates !

Hello fans,

I must inform you, that I have full hands of work with ATS beta update and my all Models and Prefabs, after when SCS team released there update 1.6 ATS .... of course , nothing new to me already, they "kill" many things in my map MOD ....again ....

Some of you will tell, it is good update, something new. ..but look a little bid realistic, which company make such a Updates that you must have for every update almost all MODs new ? ...I mean totally new for playing, not just to us, Moderators for work ... but for playing...From that reason I know some people who today dont play that two games any more !!!  Shame...but that ways SCS team want.

After 5 days, I think, I still work on compatibility of my MHAPro map for ATS game ... and I did not touch this days any of both games ...  that is for sure frustrating when I can not work on my maps ...but I must fixing maps all the time with combination of zModeler and other things ....

Yesterday SCS team release update 1.27 Beta for ETS2 too ... and there will be big job too.

If you ask me when will be maps out ... I dont know ... in this time, I really do not know ... and I just hope that I will make soon as possible new updates for all my fans .... until you have two options ...stay on old version and play game ... or play Default maps ....but you must know that many other MODs dont work on new updates too...

Daily I work - still - around 7-15h  on both games .... and I will if SCS dont crash me that I must start with everything from Zero. In point that will happened ... I will think deeply if I will work in future or not ...

One think I know for sure .... that in future I will not work any more on free version  with all things in there ... if I will update Free versions on such a SCS updates like are this two .... I dont know yet ... I will see.

Big Thank you too all my fans who support me !!!!

Regards from Zagreb, Croatia to my all Fans



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