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American Truck Simulator - MHAPro map 1.6 for ATS v.1.6.x - OUT !

If you play with FREE version MHAPro 1.6 - I suggest that you download Part 2 again ... because I found mistake which cause some crash on map  !! Down there is link of Part 2 which you must replace in your mod folder !  

Support game MOD is perfect and works ok !!

After big SCS update 1.6 is finally MHAPro map 1.6 for that version too  !!

That I can not unfortunately tell for ETS2 map ... which will be ready in some 3 weeks if will be everything like it must be .. all information will be here on my blog.

If you want good game MOD version, download that just from my site. For others copy version I'm not responsible if they work ok or not.

Link to site is on right side of blog. You must just LogIn and download map in Download hub.

Both version are out, free and support version.

Thank you to all players, who want support me and my work !!And of course to all other fans too.


MHAPro ATS 1.6 (support version Compatible with 1.6.x Steam and higher):

1 WEEK full time (from 7-15h/day) work on compatibility for update 1.6 !!

1. new highway from Stockton to Sacramento (CA) -highway 99
2. new highway from Sacramento to North -connection to highway 80
3. new part of Sacramento
- company McDonalds
- company Petrol with big TA parking
4. new road connection from highway 99 to Sacramento
5. new big cross highways 80 and 99
6. overlook highway 40 - Barstow/Kingman
- new trucks on parking places
- new parking places etc.
7. overlook Kingman
- company BurgerKing
- company MHA service
8. overlook Camp Verde
- company Road work
- company BurgerKing
- company MHA Service
- new roads
9. overlook Flagstaff
- company hms_con_svc - new position
- company Premiere
10. city Phoenix
- company Ikea
11. overlook highway 8 from cross Phoniex to cross El Centro
12. overlook Yuma
- company McDonalds
- made some death roads in city in life roads
13. parking places on highway 8
14. overlook El Centro
- company MHAService
- company MHA Constr
15. totaly new sign Billboard - because of SCS update
16. fixed some mistakes and bugs
17. village Niland
- company gal_oil_gst
- company re_train
18. city Tucson
- company MHA Service
- company gal_oil_gst
19. open racing track in Tucson
20. new road from Tucson to racing track
21. village Mecca
- company gal_oil_gst
- company mha_constr
22. fixed collision on Prefab transport216
23. new small town Coachella (CA)
- company Burger King
- company Petrol
- company cha_el_mkt

Download place : 


You must be LogIn in site.

Replace Part 2 in your Free game MOD version :   Part 2

Support version is much bigger and better than Free version ... description of support version is above.

If you Support me, please use some good mail ... in case that I find some big mistake, I must update my map and send to supporters again  !

If you have any kind of problem with my map MOD, contact me on my Mail  -  !!

Please respect my work and do not upload my work on other sites.

Broj komentara: 17:

  1. In ATS : tested and ok big big thanks
    In ETS : I'm waiting ;-))
    Very good jobs

  2. ETS2 is big pain .... today I will start with Beta version and testing and looking for all possible mistakes and problems .... I hope it will be fast together ...

  3. Hi mr. Alex. Big thanks you for the map.
    New city only has the paid version?))

    1. Slavalon, some cities are in free version too, yes

  4. I welcome.
    Please, do Fix to your map and VivaMexico v2.2.
    At one time a long time ago he was so, but is already not compatible.
    I am greeting.

    1. contact owner of Mexico map ... he must make some patch which will connect both in future ... he connect to basic game from outside... I work inside game borders and dont use border sectors from that reason !

    2. I play Mexico and MHAPro without problems.

  5. How i can get the Support version bro!? i´m interested... grettings

  6. There is no I-80 and CA-99 connection on free map.

  7. your download page does not work properly so i guess i will play the game minus the free version of this map.

  8. i had to use Chrome to access the downloads page correctly . Fire Fox doesn't seem to open it properly OR the adblock causes it i don't know but Chrome WILL work


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