srijeda, 8. ožujka 2017.

Beta SCS updates !

Hello fans,

I must inform you, that I have full hands of work with ATS beta update and my all Models and Prefabs, after when SCS team released there update 1.6 ATS .... of course , nothing new to me already, they "kill" many things in my map MOD ....again ....

Some of you will tell, it is good update, something new. ..but look a little bid realistic, which company make such a Updates that you must have for every update almost all MODs new ? ...I mean totally new for playing, not just to us, Moderators for work ... but for playing...From that reason I know some people who today dont play that two games any more !!!  Shame...but that ways SCS team want.

After 5 days, I think, I still work on compatibility of my MHAPro map for ATS game ... and I did not touch this days any of both games ...  that is for sure frustrating when I can not work on my maps ...but I must fixing maps all the time with combination of zModeler and other things ....

Yesterday SCS team release update 1.27 Beta for ETS2 too ... and there will be big job too.

If you ask me when will be maps out ... I dont know ... in this time, I really do not know ... and I just hope that I will make soon as possible new updates for all my fans .... until you have two options ...stay on old version and play game ... or play Default maps ....but you must know that many other MODs dont work on new updates too...

Daily I work - still - around 7-15h  on both games .... and I will if SCS dont crash me that I must start with everything from Zero. In point that will happened ... I will think deeply if I will work in future or not ...

One think I know for sure .... that in future I will not work any more on free version  with all things in there ... if I will update Free versions on such a SCS updates like are this two .... I dont know yet ... I will see.

Big Thank you too all my fans who support me !!!!

Regards from Zagreb, Croatia to my all Fans


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