petak, 31. ožujka 2017.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - when will be MHAPro map ready ?

Question is when it will be ready and release MHPro 1.27 ? ... right ?

Answer is almost simple .... for some 2-3 weeks maximum .

Until then I will can show you some pictures from new places which will be in there too ... this time take a lot of time  put all my MOD data in old form ... that will work perfect without any big or none problem .... a lot of time took to me to put both games in new updates, I lost some time on mapping too.

I'm already close, map MOD is ok, working in Editor. Some my good big old Donors already test my map MOD and results are almost ok ... but still I must update some mine work and I wait on FLD package MOD too.

Please, be patient will be out, but unfortunately every updating take some time .

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