petak, 17. ožujka 2017.

MHAPro map on new ATS 1.6 update ...

...coming soon  !!   You will not wait long time on new update after when SCS team will release new 1.6 update, in that you can be sure ... But , please give some time , I want to finish one more place for you ... that you will enjoy in playing on my map MOD !

I will post some pictures from totally new places on my map MOD ... you will get list with my work in MOD...and in post when I will release my map, dont worry, you will see always what is new.

ETS2 progress -

map MOD is in progress and in updating all my Models and Prefabs + FLD package which I use too it must be updated too ... so, obviously will take some time that my map MOD will be back ... I still can not Rebuild my map for new update 1.27 ... game crash in Editor .  I hope that will be everything ok after all updates on models and prefabs which with FLD we must do on that ...he on his package and me on mine.

From time to time look on Blog here and you'll always knows everything about MHAPro map MODs .... sorry, that I can not be on every place every day, you must understand that I'm not such a person , that I love to be on every Forum ... but I try to contact you sometimes on SCS Forum...with all that I lost to much time which I put in maps ...

You must understand ... that I'm "one man band" .... so, I work in 99 % alone on my maps and models, with zModeler etc ... I have some help from side by my daughter and nice guy Nishant ... if I need some help, here is always my good friend Nico from ProMods ... and that is all ...

Thank you ALL for support until now !! I greatly appreciate it !!

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