petak, 24. ožujka 2017.

New SCS updates are out !!

Like you maybe saw on SCS blog, updates are public now.

MHAPro 1.6 for ATS 1.6 will be out in max 3 days ... maybe before of that .... everything you will find here on blog .... I must manage everything together for release ... in this 2-3 days maybe I found some mistake more and I can fix too ! ....

MHAPro 1.27 for ETS2 1.27 is still in progress .... many Models and Prefabs I must update in new version, some things SCS remove or replace inside game and I must find those things too ... so , until I will not have everything perfect, game do not give me access to Rebuild whole map ...

Unfortunately, does not work without that ! All information about MHAPro map for ETS2 you will find here too ... but be patient .  I hope I will have data together fast.

Be here and you will be know everything about this two maps ...

Thank you on your Support !!!


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