petak, 21. travnja 2017.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - MHAPro EU 1.27 for ETS2 v1.27.x - OUT !

After big SCS update 1.27 is finally MHAPro EU 1.27 for that version too  !!

If you want good game MOD version, download that just from my site. For others copy version I'm not responsible if they work ok or not.

Link to site is on right side of blog. You must just LogIn and download map in Download place.

Both version are out, free and support version.

Thank you to all players, who want support me and my work !!And of course to all other fans too.


ETS2 - MHAPro EU 1.27 (Support version with 1.27.x None-steam and Steam and higher):

1. new city Amiens (F)  (back on map)
- company Posped
- company Transinet
- company Europa
- company LKW
- company nos_pat_cf
2. new high around Amiens (F)
3. new big cross to Amiens (F)
4. fixed company TNT - texture
5. new city Žyrardow (PL)
- company TNT
- company BHV
- company car_service
- company McDonalds
6. big update of ALL Models and Prefabs which I use (3 weeks work on that)
- around 320 Models and Prefabs
7. Rebuilt whole map in new 1.27 update after 6 days fight with game
8. pull out all Trameri comapnies in 1.26.5 version
9. put back all Trameri companies in 1.27 version and updated
10. fix many small problems which came with 1.27 update
11. fixed all new updated companies by SCS side
12. new road from company Fastrans in Brion (F)
13. new city Selles-sur-Cher
- company Nord_crown
- boisserie
- bhv
14. Paris
- company Leclerc
15. models fixed
16. more problems fixed on map
17. 15.4.2017 - fixed new problems with parking places in companies
18. changed roads from Dijon (F) to Switzerland border + new gas stations
19. changed roads from Dijon (F) to Lyon (F) + new gas station

Download place : 


I have new site, so you must  Register again if you do not have already Account on new site.

Please read Instructions on my site !

Please respect my work and do not upload my work on other sites.

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  1. where do i download this i cant find the download button?

  2. Odgovori
    1. please, find link here on right side of blog-above- they send you to my site, you must be Register on site !! And in Post you have Download link too which will redirect you on my site !

  3. please help me . i tring to log in on your web and its not work

    1. new Site -> New LogIn ! ... you must Register on site again !! and you will get Confirmation mail, confirm link in there and then you can LogIn !!

    2. i am register on your new web site and its not work i tried to send email to change paswort please help my emali is

  4. please help how do i get this map working no matter what i do it crashes my game

    1. @Angellongobardi

      can you please contact me on my mail ... you must send me GAME.LOG and it must be directly AFTER crash ... and I will look inside where is problem .. faster I answer on my mails then on comments..sorry on that ...

    2. Mail box is under this post ! ... that Game. log document you will find near mod folder on your PC !!

  5. Hi, I have a problem: I can not login or create a new account, it simply does not accept the user name and the password and I have the same login for years. I have had no problems with previous downloads .. but now I come no further, actually a pity is one of the best maps I know. Greetings from Switzerland roefe1955

    1. With old Username and Password you can not go on this new site ! must Register totally new one !!

  6. Hello, I found this error on MHA pro ETS2 1.27



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