srijeda, 12. travnja 2017.

MHAPro EU 1.27 - coming soon !!

Today I can tell you fans, that I have some release date for MHAPro EU 1.27 for ETS2 v1.27 ...

Date is between 18.-22.04.2017 ....

Like you saw, I have new site , and new system for Support map MODs ....  I am forced to do it this way because of the law changes in my country.

But it works, you must be just patient.

Under Donation picture are both places for Free map MOD versions.

I must tell one more thing ... those who will decide to support me with Donation of  €3/map MOD, you will see on my site under Donation banner two things.

If you donate minimum of 3€ (one map mod) ,you are going to get the download link for one support map which you want, as soon as possible in my time zone or maximum 48 hours through your Mail. Download link will not work automatically anymore in future.

One is text which is really important for you and me !! To me gives fast information for which map MOD you donate and to where I must send that map link !

Second thing is "  You will get link in mail max :" ....there you can see text ... like "in short time" , what will tell you that I'm on PC and that can be really soon .... 

If you will see watch, that will tell you when I will be on PC and when you can expect link ... sometimes before that too ... but I will use that mostly for night time in my city or for days if I will not be in my city.

Those who already support me cross new site, they know that I react fast and send as soon I see donation and text inside description !!

In first 2-3 days of release new map MOD you must be patient, because they I  expect full work with sending mails around to people. I will do everything that you will get your link as soon as possible !

Thank you all on support !


3 komentara:

  1. Hi Mr Alex.
    It is impossible to register on the site. What to do?

    1. why ? ... that is new site and new data base .. you must Register again ... sorry on that... and you will get Confirmation link , confirm that you can LogIn

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