ponedjeljak, 10. travnja 2017.

New MHAPro site will be upload today or this days !!

Hello fans,

today or this days will be Upload new site, which will help to all of us and my work much better then this last one. Unfortunately, you must Register again, because that is totally new data base site. Last data base disappeared with the old site.

Inside that new site it will be something new things too ... Free download will be just in 3 parts from now on , and better, support map MOD will be behind Donation link.

Due to the Law changes in my country I am forced to change the map downloading system.

Everything stays the same up until you get to Paypal, where you are going to get donation form and there will automatically be select 3€.

If you donate minimum of 3€ (one map mod) ,you are going to get the download link for one support map which you want, as soon as possible in my time zone or maximum 48 hours through your Mail. Download link will not work automatically anymore in future.

But you must in description, when Donating, write your Mail and which map you want (ETS2 or ATS), on which I am going to send the download link in your Mail. 

Those who will not put anything in description I will consider that you do not need special map mod.

So, almost will be everything the same, if you will want Support (Donation) map MOD, you will donate for my work and in Donation form you will put mail and map which you want and I will answer on that mail in short time ...

That way will look Banner for Donation :

and after when you will leave to me in there Mail and which map you want, I will send you as soon as possible map link ... if you want both map mods , you must know that I expect that you will donate €6 !!

I hope you understand in which position I am.



3 komentara:

  1. Hi there
    I love your work, I use both your ETS2 and ATS map, I also like your new website, but something I like to see changed to the website, is on the old website you could se what version you where buying, you can't on the new, but other than that, great work :)

    1. Thank you on comment ... after whole day long, and a lot of work around maps and site ...I had in my head that I must put in there versions too .. and lol ... on the end I forgot ... I fixed now ! Thank you .


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