utorak, 9. svibnja 2017.

MHAPro and ETS2 progress ...


Please, when you Support my work cross Paypal form, you have at the very beginning under currency Paypal description place !  Also put in there ,which map MOD MHAPro you want, and if you use  different mail ,which I see in Paypal, please put mail in there too. That way you will get fast mail with link.

Thank you all who Support me !

.... next update  !  First place  which will be in there will be Troyes (F) ... with all roads around ... I will connect roads on some highways to and on normal roads too - to west ,north and south...

More information and pictures will come when I will made more.

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  1. Odgovori
    1. or will not ... that is the question ... hehehe .. :) some day ...yes in plan is !

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