petak, 20. lipnja 2014.

Summer Edition

Yesterday, I release summer Edition ,map MOD EU 1.4.3. ...and like I can see now, it will be maybe my last release before September .. it is summer time, and I'll be out of gamming 2-3 weeks from today. After when I'll be back, I stay 14-20 days at home . In this short period I can't do nothing special, so maybe will be better if I release next map MOD on end of September 2014.

By the way, if will be SCS team release in this time new Update , then I'll release before September new version, with South Austria and Venezia (I). Of course ,if I'll be at home.

I release this time my map only in Facebook because I want enlarge my Group with new fans and make this community a little bid bigger.

In New release you'll find 6 new points in ChangeLog INFO, between them is new city - Auxerre (F).

So, if you want this version too, come to my group on Facebook - ETS 2 Map with Heavy Alex - otherwise, you must wait on next release here on my blog. 
All Suport you have there from me, every day, several time a day.

My Facebook group - ETS2 map with HeavyAlex ! - join us

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  1. Good Alex good. Awesome pictures. I wait next version. "thumbs up" ;)

    Regards. Vesku-K

    1. I think that will be one more update out for map, after when will SCS release there new Update ;) ;)

  2. Zelo lepo in prvovrstno narejeno,tako kot vedno.Vse pohvale!
    Kar pa se tiče SCS-ovega updata,se pa poplnoma strinjam s tabo.Itak delajo stvari prepočasi,pa še napak je polno in potem imaš popravke za prejšnje popravke.
    Lep pozdrav in vse dobro Zdravko

    1. muteži težki ....samo dobro so se znašli za mapo, ker so naredili osnovno, ostali pa se "zabavamo" z njo in jo razvijamo sami, oni pa tu pa tam kaj naredijo in potem vsake toliko poberejo količino denarja in se smejijo vsem nam ;) ;)

  3. Thanks for you, Sir Alex ;)

    Regards Vesku-K

  4. Hojla Aleš!
    Ni mi všeč kar nekateri počnejo in ne spoštujejo
    osnovnih pravil in želja avtorja !Mapo in link ti je nekdo uploadal
    na: in tudi
    Samo toliko,da boš vedel oziroma v nadaljne ravnanje.
    lep pozdrav in vse dobro Zdravko

    1. hvala, pravzaprav se ne obremenjujem preveč, ker je sam Internet zelo ne tolerantna stvar ,brez spoštovanja drugih in še ne vem kaj vse naj naštejem ;) ;)

  5. Hey, Alex.

    Please forgive me if entangled in your case.

    I put modhub page the following message:

    Why you do not respect the original download address?

    Address can be found at:

    With good players, use it. thank you.

    Regards; Vesku-K

    1. hello ....

      Google Blog change alone address my Blog to any country, if you look from Finland you'll have on the end exstansion for this country and so one for other countries ...I saw this before some 5-6 months ago ..

      original address is with .com on the end ;) !

  6. It was ( if you want the exact address, but I guess you knew that already. And while waiting for the latest update. You are already Big star. ;) ;) And a very nice rest of the summer.

    Regards: Vesku-K

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