četvrtak, 10. srpnja 2014.

Comming soon !

ETS2 UpDate 1.11. or maybe 1.12. (I dont really know yet - because on STEAM BETA is allready 1.11.02 or something similar) will be out soon. So, I work on Update and I manage all data that will game work on UpDate 1.11. (or 1.12) ... and I'll give name to my new release - MHAPro map EU 1.5.

I will overlook all new roads in this new UpDate and fix everything what I will find wierd,funny or not normal (like I find company with Enter/Exit direct on Highway .... lol ... something like this we can see just in some Asian country, not in Europe)...anyway .. everything , I hope, will be finish for some 5 days !

You will find release Download Link here on Blog. Until then, be tuned !!

Ah yes, and this things on pictures you'll see in next release on my map too ;)

 I change SCS border from just normal road to Real border which we have on this location between Klagenfurt (A) and Italy 

And I'll fix some funny and wierd ideas from SCS Team guys, where companies look with doors and roads direct on highways .... lol...

So, I have some work to do !

3 komentara:

  1. Nice, very nice ! Se že veselim tvojega updata.
    Lep pozdrav in vse dobro Zdravko

  2. Magnifique continue comme ça un grand merci

  3. thanks guys ...you'll have for some day out UpDate which will work with new Patch version 1.11 ;)



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