ponedjeljak, 20. listopada 2014.

From South to North

Nederland - highway A2 - from border with Germany in direction to north - Amsterdam. In this direction will one day maybe new 2-3 cities ...one small ,Roermond is allready in, now I work on Maastricht. So, in front of me is a lot of work for next release ;)

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  1. Good day sir. I am the owner of Malcolm VTC group. And i have 1 request would there be a chance you can Add Malcolm VTC Group to your sign boards and Malcolm to a few yards in the UK. Great way of advertising our new company. Here is a link. check us out.http://malcolmvtcgroup.yolasite.com/ Thanks in advance KeithTalbot Owner

  2. How long till you figure we will see this excellent Add on released?



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