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My map MOD EU 1.6.1. for ETS2 1.14.x



  Sunday,  07.12.2014  ( NEW Update is out ! )

I saw that there are a lot of fake releases of my map MHAPro EU  on Internet. I must tell you, that the only Original map with good Download data you'll find here on this page . So, be carefull what you download it ;)


MHA map 1.6.1. Update  DOWNLOAD!!

Hi guys I am finished with my work on 1.6.1.  UpDate  MHA map so I  release it.

Before I give you the link I have one important thing to say.

When you are share link for my map please  share ONLY link to my official blog :


 and not anything else or direct download Link. If I'll find out somewhere direct Link for download, I will talk with Admin and we will remove or delete any of those announcement !!
Why is this so important to me? Well when you give someone direct download link they will NOT see who made map ( in most situations)....So PLEASE share link of my blog only.

Respect my decision and desire !! Thank you.

Donate and help me to improve my work !!

If you like my work, you can Donate some money which I would use to improve my work, for programs which I use, Server and other stuff which I must pay it.

On my blog on right side you have blue square where you can donate money to me or you can simply click here and Donate it direct to me Acoount.

That money is going to be used for buying licences for programs for development of my map. And from time to time I am going to buy licences for ETS2 game or some DLC and make giveaway for you guys !!

I am very thankfull for all your donations.    

                    you must have DLC East !!

ETS2 - MHAPro EU 1.6.1  (Compatible with 1.14.x ) :

1. new city Chaumont (F)
    - company NBFC
    - burger king
    - maxilla
    - trameri
2. redesigned A31 highway in France
3. connected A5(E17) from Chaumont to highway A 31
4. new road D65 and D965 from Chaumont (F) to Auxerre (F)
5. new road D165 from Chaumont (F) to Epinal (F)
6. redesigned road from Stuttgart (D) - Frankfurt Am Main (D)
7. redesigned road around Hannover (D)
8. gas station in Hannover (D) (like in Original game)
9. gas station in Groningen (NL) (like in Original game)
10. gas station in Nürenberg (D) (like in Original game)
11. fixed sign on highway from Verona to Venezia (I)
12. fixed cross near Köln (D)
13. fixed speed on highway in Luxembourg
14. fixed all Sawmill with delivery point in warehouse (no wheather )


Any older work on my map MOD you can find out in my Change Log Info document which is in Download document.

I am very thankfull for all your donations.  

And now what you're looking for !!! Download link of course !

==> MHA map EU 1.6.1. UpDate. by MsHeavyAlex for ETS2 <== 

Now is available Russian map for version 1.14.x too :

==>   Rus Map v 1.4.5  <==

I wish you all good driving and a lot of fun with my map MOD. 

If you find some problem on map, bug or something, first check is this really from my map MOD (remove all other MODs and then try again !) and then contact me.
And of course, do not ask me for problems in some other MODs ...because I dont have time to repair mistakes from other MODs.

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  1. Thanks Alex the new map

    Regards: Vesku-K

  2. Hi Alex!
    First of "Thanks for the map"
    This is really great.
    But 3 small error in the log.
    00: 00: 15,513 Ignoring obsolete attribute 'heavy' of unit 'cargo.diggers' (of type 'cargo_data').
    00: 00: 15,513 Ignoring obsolete attribute 'heavy' of unit 'cargo.excavator' (of type 'cargo_data').
    00: 00: 20,206 Map link for conflict 0x334584ED1C002FF, two items are the same Probably using prefab
    Already have the beta patch 1.15.3s installed.

  3. Hello my friend. How can I get the v161 for steam beta1.15? Appreciated


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