ponedjeljak, 26. siječnja 2015.

FOR version ETS2 1.16.x !!!

I will release public my map MOD for steam beta and later public version ETS2 version 1.16.x.

So, that my map MOD MHAPro EU 1.7 is just for version 1.16 and higher. ETS2.

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  1. Thank you Alex for all your hard work...keep going :)


  2. Problème au péage de Verona, impossible de payer pour ouvrir la barrière la zone de paiement trop prêt de la barrière donc pas assez de place avec mon scania t620...

  3. Problem toll Verona , impossible to pay to open the gate the payment area too close to the fence so no enough room with my scania T620 ...

    1. Douda Sta ... that is not problem of map or game , it is problem of your MOD or MODs which you use ... which one, you must find out .... but I'm 100% sure that is problem in MOD Scania T620 !!

  4. Thanks mate. You're the BIG star. Fantastic work.

    Best regards: Vesku-K/Grandpa



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