nedjelja, 25. siječnja 2015.

MHApro map Scania

In Facebook group I have some good friend Den Eds. What is so special on him ?? Hmmm....

It is realy cool and normal guy, who knows what he want  !

And he made that truck :

But that is not all. He loves my map MOD and he made something new. Just for us, for people in close group. In that group are just GREAT people, cool and normal. From all over the World.

We drive that truck :

And inside of truck :

But on the end, we can drive that Scania like Tandem too :

 And truck has original sound !!!

Funnier part of the story is that is Den Eds is totaly new on zModeler. So, I can conclude that he is huge talent for that. You dont think so ?

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  1. Hello dear MsHeavyAlex! How can I get this wonderful MHApro map Scania truck from Den Eds?
    Sincerely, Vladimir.

  2. Hello Vladimir,
    It's not yet in the public and only for members of the group that Alex has made on Facebook. It's not finished yet and I'm not sure if I will give it to public release. Sorry for that.
    Best Regards, Den Eds.

    1. Hello Dear Den Eds! How can I join your group on Facebook?
      Sincerely, Vladimir.

    2. That group is close and just for people who Donate for my work every 3 months minimum ...but more of that, they realy respect my work and love it and they enjoy in everything ....we made group of people who now work together and help each other , what will be good for new game ATS too

  3. Very nice Den Eds :)

    @ Alex, sorry I've not been on FB much, but I get your email & try to reply when I can :) The map (as always) is looking really good...keep going with it :)

    Regards Turtool

  4. Turtool.

    no problem know where you can find me always ... here or on my mail ...

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