četvrtak, 24. rujna 2015.

From tomorrow to release date

So, tomorrow I will finish my map MOD connection with last release from SCS and that is south part of Hungary . But I do one step forward and I connected Slovenia with Hungary, made some new roads from Pecs (H) to Slovenia and north to Veszprem (H) ...then I did some new small and big cities in Hungary and redesigned all SCS roads there and so one ... so, big work .

A little time took away the summer and hollidays . 

Last my plan is finish Utrecht (NL) and I think that I can make that in some 14 days, max. in 21 days .. I hope I will be fast. 

And now some pictures from testing my map.

One first two pictures you can see which parts of Hungary I put in map ... you saw that on Default map already, but on my map MOD you will something new and more of that standard SCS work. I hope you'll like it . On second picture are inside of line new roads.

Always you can find some wierd drivers on roads !

Or  those who create accidents on the road !

3 komentara:

  1. Pas mal mais comment faut t'il la telecharger car je veuc le telecharger

  2. С Огромным Нетерпением Буду Ожидать От ВАС Эту Карту! Только, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, СДЕЛАЙТЕ чтобы Она Стала СОВМЕСТИМОЙ СО МНОГИМИ КАРТАМИ, А ТАКЖЕ С " PROMODS "?! Или же чтобы Эту Карту Пользователи Запускали как СОВМЕСТИМУЮ, так и автономную. БЛАГОДАРЮ ВАС ЗА АБСОЛЮТНОЕ ВНИМАНИЕ И ПОЛНОЕ ПОНИМАНИЕ! УДАЧИ ВАМ!

  3. With great anticipation I will wait on you this card! Just please do make it compatible with many cards, as well as "PROMODS"?! Or to the card user to run as consistent and autonomous. THANK YOU FOR ABSOLUTE ATTENTION AND COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!



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