subota, 10. listopada 2015.

More and more - where is the end

Utrecht (NL) is still in progress. In pause I always look for something else, fix some mistake, problem, roads, cities ....
That way I found some place to make new small village in Sweden. And here you can see some pictures .

Date for release is still not for sure and I work on that will be soon as possible !! Please be patient. You'll have then good result of more cities and more realistic map for playing with more fixed all kind of small problems in game.

3 komentara:

  1. Very nice place to.. live ;)

    Good job Alex :)


    Rene-Gad :)

  2. You must be sure, then all is done. Date of release? It doesn't matter. Map is awasome - that is important :D:D

    1. be patient ... I'm nervous too , because I found some mistakes on DLC North where game made some new bugs after converting my map MOD in new version ... lol ...



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