srijeda, 18. studenoga 2015.


 For Public release :

I decided that I will still release Public my map MOD for all of you. But that will be less then until now. If will SCS update game with new update, you'll get updated map when they will release new Public update !  That way, my Public map will be updated 2-3 times in year, no more. I mean, with something new on it...but all updates which will be compatible with SCS update will be out on date.
That release will be with more Ads on too ... so, if you want help me and you cant Donate somehow from some reason, you can help me cross Ads in my Download and click on them ,or just open it .

For Donor release : 

Those who will Donate for my work (effort, time and other things which I "put" in this game) , they will have something more. They will get of course my new map - latest map, with new stuff in there.
Depends on how much somebody Donate, that long they will get new updates. I will make some scale too for them, I think that is much fair.

That my Rules will start after my last full Public release MHAPro map EU 2.2, which will be soon and it is realy close.

I hope, that you're happy about that my decision (some of you). But I must say, that I cant work all the time totaly for free, and I put to much time in this. 

I respect all players, all downloads, but from "air" I cant work . I hope that is my decision good and on first place fair to all of you !!

regards to all

MHAPro map


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