utorak, 3. studenoga 2015.


....will be of course next Update - for now. How long I will still work on my map for Public, for now I dont know.  I will see, depends on many factors . One of them is low budget for work. But you'll know on time. Thank you all Donors until now !! I respect your support !!

Next map name will be EU 2.2. In there you'll find some 3-4 small cities or villages , then is plan to make Nottingham (UK) and connection from Utrecht - A'dam (NL). And of course all small fixed bugs,problems, mistakes ...

Here are first pictures from Sweden and that small cities there. Everything you'll find in ChangeLog which you can read always in Manager MOD in your game Profile.

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  1. Hi Alex.

    The last Pictures with Parking near road - is it place to sleep?
    if yes... can be a bit longer ?? For truck with oversize load is it too small... or not ??


    Rene-Gad ;)

    1. it is Prefab from FLD ... yes, it is for resting .... so, I will contact our good Prefab,road maker FLD and ask him if he can make some other, longer place for resting too ... on other hand , like you know, we can make parking place from "sides" which are part of roads ;) ;) ... and I will too

    2. Thx Alex.

      Very good idea with Restplace near road - that look more realistic if driver have not time to drive to Statoil or other (bigger) Restplace.

      You are first with this Idea... ;)

      With every update Your map i have bigger smile ;)



    3. I must tell you that sometimes I have so many ideas on my head ...but when I start work something ...then I simle cross time and some other work on map forget on that ideas ... yesterday I got idea to put train in middle of city, but it wont work , because of some cross wtih semaphores on it and lines of cars which make that cross ...and AI cars are not "smart" in that way that can stop in that case in front of train barrier and wait on next free space ... that way , train wont start in direction to those train barriers .... I hope that you understand about what I'm talking. ... but I manage somehow that on other way , with some other connections , new roads and cross without semaphores ... then I got car lines in other way .... lol ... but I think it will work ok ...that all was in DLC North and new Skövde (SWE) city .... it is very interesting that SCS team does not make any train barrier in DLC North (that what I saw until now) where we must go over ...we have in one place - I saw near some Dock ...that we have behind close place some train rails .... interesting ... like I said you on SCS Forum too ... no choopers, planes, and Airport ... lol .... or I miss something ... true is, that I didnt over drive all DLC yet, because I can find just 2-3 times in month for driving in game ...everything else is work, work on my map MOD, sometimes for 14h too ... but mostly 5-12h ... lol



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